• The Inside Pitch
    Athletes of the Month, November 2008

    Aaron Smith, Football    by Claire Mahoney With his versatility, agility, and football knowledge, senior Aaron Smith has made his mark on varsity football since he first began playing as a sophomore. Throughout his time on the team, Smith has evolved into a highly respected player and has proven to be a crucial...

  • Feature
    ELECTION 2008: Dealing with the Economic Crisis

    There was a time when students only had to worry about studying hard to get into college. Today, students face record tuition costs and the fact that credit is more difficult to come by. According to The College Board’s “Trends in College Pricing” study, released Oct. 29, 23 percent of full-time students...

  • Feature
    ELECTION 2008: Who is Barack Obama?

    The Manby Camilla Yanushevsky Separation, Racism, Struggle, Leadership: The Tall Mountain He Climbed: Barack Obama was born Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. 00

  • News
    BAD DAY TO BE A PUMPKIN: Halloween Festivities Offer Hidden Learning Experience

    Clockwise from left: junior Daniel Kirwan chows down on pumpkin pie, junior Chauncey Liffiton paints sophomore Ronnie Bonacorda’s face, two pumpkins carved by students in the pumpkin carving contest. “Drop the chair! Drop the chair!” Already there were pumpkin bits, plastic bottles and various other materials splattered all over the parking lot....

  • Feature
    ELECTION 2008: Watching the Election Night Coverage from the Associated Press Newsroom

    < I was blessed with a unique opportunity this election year – the chance to experience election night firsthand in the central newsroom of the largest news organization in the world, the Associated Press. What followed was an exhilarating experience, to say the least, but also a mind-boggling and trying one. 00

  • Feature
    ELECTION 2008: When Your Actions Speak Louder than a Vote

    How Politically Active Students Are Working Towards Change For most students in the WJ community, political activism probably starts and ends with watching Sarah Palin parody clips on YouTube or putting an “I support­­­…” icon on their Facebook profile. But for a passionate minority, political activism is as much of part of...

  • News
    State Department of Education Votes to Keep the HSA

    After taking three HSAs in May, junior Dave Smith*,  who receives special education services, spent a week and a half last summer in a school-sponsored tutoring program geared towards teaching the skills necessary to pass the tests, which are a graduation requirement for all current high school students. He passed two of the HSAs he...

  • News
    Pre-Gaming Leads to Consequences at Homecoming Weekend

    Six students underwent consequences after being apprehended by administration due to the consumption of alcohol before the Homecoming game. Twenty-four hours later, three more students were caught drunk at the dance. All the students had to participate in a drug and alcohol assessment at Suburban Hospital in addition to receiving a five-day...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Out of Left Field: Ear Abuser, Ear Abuser, Oh You’re An Ear Abuser

    Attention students of America: I have an exciting new prospect for you. All that crap your parents gave you about applying yourself is useless now. A propitious career is on the horizon—one that promises even the most unimaginative, no-talent hack a comfortable and lavish lifestyle. I am talking about the exciting and...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Soul Men Perform as Expected in Decent Comedy

    Soul Men is the story of at odds bandmates, Louis Hinds (the always loveable Samuel L. Jackson) and Floyd Henderson (played by the recently deceased comedy legend Bernie Mac) as they team up for a cross country trip to the Apollo Theatre for a reunion performance.  The two haven’t spoken for over...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    TV Shows from the Vault: Political Skits

    With ratings sky-rocketing behind Tina Fey’s vivacious Sarah Palin impersonations, “Saturday Night Live” is enjoying unparalleled late night success. The election cycle routinely provides “SNL” writers with material, but perhaps never before has an actor or actress so closely emulated a political figure quite like Fey. Fey caricatures Palin to perfection and...

  • News
    ‘It’s Easy Being Green’: MCSEA’s Effort for Grid Neutrality

    If WJ becomes grid neutral, a site that produces as much electricity as it uses in a year, then students can anticipate change in the school’s design in order to attain higher energy efficiency and on site energy generation. WJ students involved in Montgomery County Student Environmental Activists (MCSEA) are campaigning to...

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