• Opinion
    Point-Counterpoint: Small Buisinesses in Need of Aid

    Small Buisinesses in Need of Aid in Light of Insubstantial Mall Culture By Pablo Baeza When the Bean Bag shut its doors at the beginning of April, it was the end of an era. The era of decent cups of coffee for $1.75. The end of chocolate chip cookies that actually tasted...

  • Opinion
    To the Listserv and Back Again

    Thanks to the fortune of Facebook, our generation hasn’t needed such a primitive form of communication like e-mail. However, our parents certainly haven’t neglected the ancient way of communicating, and they’ve even taken it to a new level. They’re “listserving” now, and well, it’s getting pretty ugly. 00

  • Opinion
    Pitch Opinion: Student Vandalism Unjust and Immoral

    With the school year drawing to a close, many are looking forward to the fruits of a carefree summer and days without class, but a pressing issue is facing the WJ community in these final days of the 2008-2009 school year: vandalism. 00

  • Opinion
    The Roberts Rant: All of our Lives are F***ed; Funny, Isn’t it?

    “Today, I saw my girlfriend of two years holding hands with another guy in the hallway. I’ve spent tons of time with her, I walk her to class and worked up a hefty phone bill talking to her. So, I go up to her and in a fit of rage, I break...

  • Opinion
    Up At Bat: A Decent Proposal

    What do you think about the man who proposes to his fiance using a jumbotron? At WJ, students don’t have access to jumbotrons, but still find the sweetest ways to propose prom, a much less life changing proposal than marriage, to their date. 00

  • News
    Georgetown Square: Shopping Center Undergoes Serious Redesign as Old Businesses Depart and New Storefronts Plan to Open

    In recent months, long-existing businesses in Georgetown Square have closed or moved, and the trend seems to be to replace them with franchises or other large, customer-attractive businesses. With G-Square being such a popular hang out for students at lunch, will these changes make it more or less popular? 00

  • News
    Student Member of the Board

    Junior Timothy Hwang of Thomas S. Wootton High School was a candidate for SMOB. Hwang moved from inner-city Lansing in Michigan, to Baltimore and finally to Montgomery County. Hwang was named one of the top 25 student leaders in the world by Bentley University and serves as the head of his own non-profit organization...

  • News
    Jazz Ensemble Places Third in Region at Chantilly Jazz Festival

    Last minute calls containing an important message were made the evening of Sat., March 28 to all the members of the WJ Jazz Ensemble. Because the band had done so well earlier that morning at the 29th Annual Chantilly Jazz Festival, they were invited back to compete later that evening in a...

  • News
    Students Participate in ‘Day of Silence’ Supporting Gay Rights

    Student members and supporters of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) participated in the national Day of Silence on April 17 to bring attention to the harassment that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students experience at school. 00

  • News
    Howard Beaubien Takes Over as Acting Security Team Leader

    Following Security Team Leader Lisa Kennedy’s resignation on April 3, new policies are expected to be introduced. 00

  • News
    Student Attendance for Spring Break Eurotrip Decreased

    In addition to the fact that this year’s school sponsored trip to Spain and Portugal was scheduled with a new tour company, there was also a considerable drop in attendance in comparison to last year, both of which made this trip considerably different. However, despite the changes, this year’s Euro Trip held...

  • News
    Lt. Governor Pledges $13.6 Million for WJ Construction

    In the three years since taking office, the O’Malley-Brown Administration has allotted over $1 billion for school construction, with $120 million to be used in Montgomery County. Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown announced the monetary commitment at an April 17 press conference held at WJ. 00

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