• Arts & Entertainment
    Student Lunch Preferences: Chipotle

      Estimated Time of Service: 10-15 minutes depending on how early you get there. If you get there between 5-10 minutes into lunch, you will be in and out of there in 5 minutes. Service: Very good. The workers are so quick and proficient that most of them will have broken a...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Student Lunch Preferences: Cafeteria

      Est. Time- 5-10 minutes depending on where you are in the school Service- Acceptable, sometimes it’s hard to understand the lunch ladies Price- 2-4 dollars Food Quality- bland tastes, not very appetizing Variety- different main meals every day, snacks are for the most part always the same Transportation- walking Favorite Foods-...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Student Lunch Preferences: Giant

    Est. Time- 15 minutes Cost- $4 Food Quality- depends on what you buy Variety- great selection of different foods and drinks to choose from.  There is a bread section, salad bar, chips, snacks, and many other foods to choose from Transportation- Walk Favorite foods- Fried Chicken, muffins and bagels Environment- lots of...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Student Lunch Preferences: Bradleys

    Est. Time- 23 minute walk Service- service is pretty quick, good ordering system Price- average sandwich is 5-7 dolalrs Food Quality- great tastes Variety- many different subs and sandwiches to choose from Transportation- walking distance Favorite Foods- hamburgers, cheeseburgers, steak and cheese Environment- small area, tables aren’t too crowded on the inside...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Student Lunch Preferences: Starbucks

    Wait Time: 5 minutes Meal Cost (coffee and sandwich): 12$ Est. Time- 32 minutes, including a 5 minute wait for food Service- Brisk, impersonal employees Price- Coffee and sandwich is $12 Food Quality- great coffee sandwiches were mediocre Variety- Specializes in coffee but also offers a wide selection of other drinks, sandwiches,...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Student Lunch Preferences: Rockspring Cafe

    Est. Time: 25 minutes Service- not very efficient, 7 minute wait for food Price- 5-6$ at the buffet you can pay by the pound Food Quality- delicious, foreign tastes, delectable Variety- Lots of different options to choose from.  Chinese buffet where you pay by the pound as well as an expansive selection...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Student Lunch Preferences: The Mall

    Est. Time- Depends on when you leave school.  Usually takes up most of lunch/ late to 5th period Service- is good; there are not a lot of customers so you get your order in time.  However the lines get longer as more students arrive. Price- 4-5 dollars at Food Quality- Depends on...

  • The Inside Pitch
    Inside The Helmets: A Team With a Changing Mentality

    As the 2008-2009 school year ended, there was one question that was left unanswered. Who would be the new football coach? After an extensive interview process, that burning question was answered: former assistant coach Jon Kadi would be stepping up as head coach of the team. 00

  • Sports News
    Girls Tennis: Sept. 29 Loss

    Score: WJ loses against B-CC 2-5.   MVP: Freshman Arielle Hartz who won  6-1, 1-6, 6-4.   Highlight: Close matches made the match exciting and nail biting which made the outcome go either way.   Record: 7-2   Next Match: WJ at Whitman Tuesday, Oct. 6.     00

  • Sports News
    Varsity Field Hockey: Sept. 29, 2-1

    Score: 2-1 MVP: Georgina Beven Highlight: The Field Hockey team won in rousing fashion, beating their undefeated rival Whitman 2-1. Record: 5-1 Next Match: Saturday, Oct. 3 at 10:00 away against Richard Montgomery 00

  • Sports News
    Girls Tennis: Sept. 24 Win

    Score: WJ wins against Blair 5-2, on Thursday Sept. 24 MVP: Sarah Bernstein Highlight: “We were missing 3 of our starters but we still managed to pull out a great win,” said Sarah Bernstein Record: 6-1 Next Match: Saturday Sept. 26, WJ at Clarksburg 10:00 am. Lasting effect: -“So far we have...

  • Sports News
    Girls Tennis: Sept. 22 Loss

    Score: WJ loses to Churchill 7-0, on Tuesday Sept. 22. MVP: Ksenia Kirilyuk Highlight: “None of the matches were a total blow away, they were all pretty close,” said Sarah Bernstein Record: 5-1 Next Match: Thursday Sept. 24, WJ at Blair 3:30 p.m. Lasting effect: – “We are going t*o bounce back...

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