• Arts & Entertainment
    Michael Oher Biopic “The Blind Side” Scores Big

    The movie “The Blind Side,” based on the true story of welfare-to-wealth football player Michael Oher, rocked the box office last weekend. Many claim that the film is Sandra Bullock’s best performance of her career, but the real commander of the screen is rookie actor Quinton Aaron. The story takes place in suburban Memphis, where Leigh...

  • Opinion
    Abby’s Thanksgivings Over the Years

    If you were to ask me what my Thanksgiving tradition is, I wouldn’t have a straight answer. Over the years, I’ve gone from being the cute two-year-old who “finger paints ” the seasoning on the turkey, to this year, where I’m having a quiet Thanksgiving with just my sister and dad.  00

  • Feature
    Up At Bat: What Do You Typically Do for Thanksgiving?

    “I stay in Maryland, hang out with family and eat.” – Senior Samatha Correa 10

  • Feature
    Up At Bat: What Does Thanksgiving Mean to You?

    “A time to spend with family and also to give to charities.” -Senior Dylan Frye 00

  • Opinion
    A Wild Thanksgiving

    My mother has 10 siblings, and fitting all of them plus their spouses and children into a small Harlem apartment is always a wondrous feat. For my family, Thanksgiving is like Christmas plus New Year’s Eve squared. It is definitely not something to be missed. 00

  • Opinion
    My Perfect Thanksgiving

    In 2006, I went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, an annual three hour parade held in New York City. The day before, I watched the balloons being blown up around the side streets of the American Museum of Natural History. 00

  • Feature
    Thanksgiving Turkeys: Tofu Turkey

    Whether your a vegetarian, looking for something low-fat, or just ready for a change, this tofurkey recipe is sure to impress! Ingredients: 5 blocks firm or extra-firm tofu, well pressed 2 tablespoons chopped sage 1 tablespoon fresh thyme, minced 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, minced 1 tablespoon vegetable broth powder 2 tablespoons poultry...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Thanksgiving Turkeys: Spiced Turkey

    Spice things up this Thanksgiving with this recipe for a delicious spiced turkey breast!Ingredients 1/4 cup whole-grain mustard (recommended: Maille)   2 garlic cloves, minced   2 teaspoons ground cumin   1 tablespoon dried oregano   1 teaspoon allspice   2 teaspoons chili powder   1 tablespoon brown sugar   1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil   1 (4 1/2 to...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Movies of the Season: The Stepfather

    The Stepfather, released on Oct. 16, tells the story of the seemingly normal Harding family whose oldest son, Michael Harding (Penn Badgley) returns home after military school and finds his mother happy with her new boyfriend, David Harris (Dylan Walsh). Everything thing seems okay at first, but Michael starts becoming suspicious of...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    King Lear Review: Twas the Besteth Play I Ever Saw

    4.5/5 STARS   WJ S*T*A*G*E’s fall production of King Lear was a wonderful treat. The famous tragedy was performed well and gave the viewer a lovely, albeit depressing and violent narrative. 00

  • Sports News
    Fall Sports Wrap Up: Varsity Girls Volleyball

    The varsity girls volleyball team ended its season on Wednesday, Nov. 11 against No. 2 seeded Gaithersburg where the berth in the 4A West regional championship was on the line. The Wildcats lost in three sets, 16-25, 16-25, 22-25 despite an outstanding effort. 00

  • Feature
    Up At Bat: What Do You Remember About the John Allen Muhammed Sniper Shootings?

      On Nov. 10, Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad was executed by lethal injection in Greensville, Va. 00

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