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    Debate: Feb. 17

    Score: Wins – 27; Losses – 21 MVP: Sophomore Omar Agha won both of his debates, finishing the season with a 10-0 record. He is one of only two debaters in the county to do so. 00

  • Sports News
    Varsity Girls Basketball: Season Wrap-Up

    Due to the memorable blizzard last month and consequential snow days, two girls basketball games were postponed. While the snow and week off from school caused much chaos, it wound up giving the girls basketball team an advantage; the girls were given the chance to take a break from playing and injured...

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    Varsity Boys Basketball: Feb. 23, 55-66

    Score: 56-66, loss Opponent: Blair MVP: Sophomore guard Harrison Gibert who led the team with 15 points. Hightlight: Both Gibert and sophomore center Halid Hamadi scored in double figures in a losing effort. 00

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    Varsity Girls Basketball: Feb. 23, 53-71

    Score: 53-71, loss Opponent: Blair MVP: Junior guard Sarah Howie with 22 points. Highlight: The Wildcats played back to back games for the first time this season, and had a good performance against a tough Blair opponent. 00

  • Sports News
    Varsity Girls Basketball: Feb. 22, 70-52

    Score: 70-52, win Opponent: Magruder MVP: Junior guard Sarah Howie with 22 points. Highlight: After an overtime thriller loss on Friday vs. Clarksburg, WJ rebounded quickly and took control versus Magruder to win their seventh game. 00

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Separating the Man From the Music

    Every human has flaws. Perhaps John Mayer’s are more pronounced because of his celebrity: the world has heard too many of his clueless ramblings about sex and race on his Twitter page and in recent “Playboy” interviews. But when Mayer used his mouth to sing rather than babble incoherently, those of us...

  • Opinion
    A Spotlight On That Big Blue Box

    Once upon a time, in a mystical land far, far away, there was this magical box called a “Recycling Bin.” It’s a little hard to imagine, so bear with me here: it’s a bright blue box, with a little triangular symbol on it. 00

  • Sports News
    Varsity Girls Basketball: Team Falls to Clarksburg in Overtime

      Junior guard Sarah Howie did everything she could to get her team to victory on senior night, but her game-high 33 points were not enough, as the Wildcats fell to the Clarksburg Coyotes 65-66 in an overtime thriller. 00

  • Sports News
    Varsity Boys Basketball: Wildcats Defeat Barons, Sealing First Win of Season

    A huge weight was lifted off the shoulders of the varsity boys basketball team on Wednesday night, as they defeated the B-CC Barons 58-55, gaining their first win of the season. 00

  • The Inside Pitch
    United States Continue to Dominate 2010 Olympics

    With Canada as the host nation, the pressure to lead the overall medal count at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics seems to be just too much for the Canadians and their athletes. 00

  • Opinion
    ‘Leave Elin Alone:’ Our Take on the Tiger Woods Speech

    Background info: Early Thanksgiving morning last year, Woods was in an accident Having since gone AWOL from the world of golf and media, Woods spoke publicly for the first time at the PGA Tour  headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla. at TPC Sawgrass. He spoke in a room filled with friends, supporters and minimal press. While his speech was heartfelt...

  • Sports News
    Varsity Girls Basketball: Feb. 17, 49-42

    Score: 49-42, Win Opponent: B-CC MVP: Junior guard Sarah Howie with 16 points Highlight: WJ earned their first win since the break, tallying their seventh win for the season. Record: 7-10 Next game: Clarksburg at WJ,  today, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. 00

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