• Arts & Entertainment
    What’s With the Giant Cow?

    You may have noticed a life-sized cow model decorating WJ’s art gallery. Yet, this cow is no decoration; it is sophomore Jaynie Chartrand’s shot at winning a grand-total of $30,000 for herself and the school. 00

  • 2009-2010 Print Edition
    March 25, 2010 Print Edition


  • Opinion
    The Horror…The Horror…Of the End of the Quarter

    The last week of the quarter is always nuts. Students are complaining that the one B they have had since the first week of the quarter is now an 89.3 percent – just 0.2 percent away from an A. 00

  • The Inside Pitch
    The Roundtable: March Madness Edition

    The Pitch staff sat down to debate their predictions for the NCAA March Madness Tournament. 00

  • Photo Galleries
    March Makeover Madness: Krithi Ramaswamy

      Before: Senior Krithi Ramaswamy shows off a normal school outfit.   00

  • Photo Galleries
    March Makeover Madness: Todd Glazer

      Before: Senior Todd Glazer shows off an outfit he normally wears to school.  Before the makeover, Glazer says he didn’t even own a pair of jeans! 00

  • News
    WJ To Be Third Largest School In the County

    As the historic school year with record-breaking blizzards comes to an end, another interesting record is about to be set for next year: WJ will become the third biggest school in the county, trailing Blair and Wootton High Schools.   00

  • Sports News
    Track & Field: March 23, 23-49

    Score: 23-49, Loss Opponent: Richard Montgomery Highlight: On the girls side, junior Anna Bosse claimed first place in two out of her three events to begin the first outdoor track meet of the season. MVP: Girls – Bosse. Boys – Senior Martin Dally, who placed second in the 800- and 400-yard sprints. Record: 0-1...

  • Feature
    Cooking With Flor & Rylee: Candy Bar Pie

    Come home from school tired and hungry? Even when your stomach is growling, do you feel just too lazy to open the fridge and decide what to make? Well, after a day of stressing out at school, you don’t have to think of what to eat when you get home. 00

  • Sports News
    Boys Tennis: March 23, 7-0

    Score: 7-0 Opponent: Northwood Highlight: Every player won their match.”Almost all the matches were over within half an hour,” said sophomore Jordan Krasner. MVP: Krasner, who won both sets in his match by a score of 6-0, 6-0. Record: 1-0 Next Match: WJ at Einstein, Thursday, March 25 at 3:30 p.m. 00

  • The Inside Pitch
    March Madness Discussion

    Here at The Pitch Online, we’ve been following the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament very closely. Editorial editor Ian Green, staff writer Ryan Lynch, editor-in-chief Abby Singley and staff writer Daniel Fanaroff discuss everything from upsets to predicted winners. 00

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