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Pitch Staff Picks: Favorite Halloween Movies

Ian Green, Online Arts & Entertainment Editor

October 29, 2010

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

It's that time of year again. As fall falls upon us once again, at the end of October, there is Halloween. There are the recently-coppered leaves falling out of the trees, the little kids dressed up as superheroes and the cavity-causing,...

Halloween Plans

October 28, 2010

WJ Sports Closes A Legendary Season

Daniel Fanaroff, Online Sports Editor

October 28, 2010

Filed under The Inside Pitch

As I started my freshman year, my fellow classmates and I were wary of the infamy associated with the phrase "WJ sports." At the time, our deceptively popular football team had not won a game in three years, our basketball team...

Girls Volleyball Recap: Oct. 18 – Oct. 25

Hannah Flesch, Assistant Print Sports Editor

October 25, 2010

Filed under Girls' Volleyball

After capping their first division title since 1998, Oct. 20 brought the girls volleyball team to face Sherwood, recently ranked no. 10  by the Washington Post. Despite going 7-1 in their last eight games, the Wildcats fell sho...

Three-Foot-High Schoolers – A Closer Look at WJ’s Child Development Class

Rosie Hammack, Print Feature Co-Editor

October 25, 2010

Filed under Feature

At first glance, WJ’s Child Development classroom is a blast from our childhood past – the tiny red chairs lined up against the strangely shaped tables, the neat rows of cubbies holding little multicolored Barbie- and Transformers-decorated...

Girls Soccer Recap: Oct. 14 – Oct. 21

Jemile Safaraliyeva

October 24, 2010

Filed under Girls' Soccer, Sports News

The varsity girls soccer team has yet again proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. After winning their division against Northwest on Wednesday, Oct. 6 and gaining the title of 4A West Division champions, the girls...

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