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    2010 Hispanic Heritage Assembly

    Filmed By Phillip Resnick Edited/Produced By Katie Levingston 00

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Pitch Staff Picks: Favorite Halloween Movies

    It’s that time of year again. As fall falls upon us once again, at the end of October, there is Halloween. There are the recently-coppered leaves falling out of the trees, the little kids dressed up as superheroes and the cavity-causing, corn-syrup-saturated candy. Halloween is not all about candy and make believe. For many, it’s...

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    Halloween Plans


  • The Inside Pitch
    WJ Sports Closes A Legendary Season

    As I started my freshman year, my fellow classmates and I were wary of the infamy associated with the phrase “WJ sports.” At the time, our deceptively popular football team had not won a game in three years, our basketball team had not finished with a winning record in recent memory and,...

  • News
    New YouTube Channel Supports Gay Teens in Effort to Prevent More Suicides

    A recent nationwide spate of suicides committed by gay and lesbian teenagers, considered to be caused by the constant harassment and bullying committed by their peers, has renewed attention on the effects of peer bullying. 00

  • Opinion
    The Bullpen: A ’10 out of 10′ for the Tenth Month of the Year

    While looking at a calendar, certain months might automatically come to mind as being the best month...

  • Feature
    Up at Bat: What Are Your Plans For Halloween?

    At WJ, Oct. 29 means “Bad Day to be a Pumpkin.” This Friday, students will dress for...

  • Girls' Volleyball
    Girls Volleyball Recap: Oct. 18 – Oct. 25

    After capping their first division title since 1998, Oct. 20 brought the girls volleyball team to face Sherwood, recently ranked no. 10  by the Washington Post. Despite going 7-1 in their last eight games, the Wildcats fell short and were defeated by the Warriors in three straight sets 18-25, 14-25, 20-25. After the tough loss,...

  • Feature
    Three-Foot-High Schoolers – A Closer Look at WJ’s Child Development Class

    At first glance, WJ’s Child Development classroom is a blast from our childhood past – the tiny red chairs lined up against the strangely shaped tables, the neat rows of cubbies holding little multicolored Barbie- and Transformers-decorated backpacks, the art table with its buckets of crayons and the blocks and toys. But...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Facebook Films: What Do They Say About Us?

    This past weekend, I embarked to the local cinema and saw two very different movies about the...

  • Girls' Soccer
    Girls Soccer Recap: Oct. 14 – Oct. 21

    The varsity girls soccer team has yet again proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. After winning their division against Northwest on Wednesday, Oct. 6 and gaining the title of 4A West Division champions, the girls have continued to battle it out away and at home. In the week...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Song of the Week: I’m Not Your Lemonade by Major Lazer

    Brainless rapper Gucci Mane can be accused of many things. He can be accused of being a talentless hack, of being violent towards women, of dealing cocaine, and even of murdering a man and burying his body next to a middle school (he was exonerated when the case was ruled self defense). One...

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