• News
    Top Five World News Events: Nov. 22 – Nov. 26

    Ireland requests bailout. A severe economic collapse and steadily rising levels of debt and unemployment in Ireland led European officials, concerned that these economic woes might spread to other unstable countries such as Portugal and that the Euro would be weakened, to pressure Ireland to request a bailout. After maintaining for a...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Song of the Week: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police

    Music suited for the times is not always contemporary music, as evidenced by the timeless joy of listening to The Police. Their 1981 single, “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” is the ultimate lighthearted love song, and is an infectious sing-along tune. While Sting is known internationally for his solo career,...

  • Boys' Basketball
    Winter Sports Preview: Boys Basketball

    By Katie Levingston and Parker Smith 00

  • Feature
    The GSA: A Welcoming Part of WJ

    The Gay-Straight Alliance club (GSA) flies under the radar. And that is largely because the club prides itself on being a safe haven for those who need somewhere to feel like themselves. “The GSA’s mission is to make sure that people at our school feel comfortable being who they are regardless of...

  • Videos
    The GSA: A Welcoming Part of WJ

    By Katie Levingston 00

  • World News Of The Week
    Welcome to the ‘World News Of The Week’ Section

    Readers, To enhance our news section, we have added a weekly feature of “World News Of The Week.” On a weekly basis, we will be posting the top five events in national and international news to expand our coverage. — The News Staff 00

  • Girls' Volleyball
    Girls Volleyball: Season Wrap-Up

    The girls volleyball team ended a successful season as Red Division champions with a disappointing loss to top-ranked Sherwood last week in the Maryland 4A West Region. The Warriors found themselves easily defeating the visiting second ranked Wildcats in straight sets 5-25, 11-25, 11-25. “We just came out flat,” said coach Bill...

  • Feature
    Five Green American Colleges Worth Your Time

    As we begin to think about college applications and our lives beyond high school, our minds tend...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    New Feature: Video of the Week- Harry Potter Trailer

    Starting now, we will have a video of the week every Friday, showing you what videos are worth watching now. Some will be timely- a video of an important news event that happened this week. Some will be goofy. And all of them will be entertaining. -Art & Entertainment Editor Ian Green...

  • Cross Country
    Cross Country: Season Wrap-Up

    For the third year in a row, the boys cross country team won the State Championships, ending an incredible season. The girls cross country team also qualified for states and finished eighth. The results from the State Championships crystallize the performances of each team over the course of the season. From the...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Song of the Week: DJ by Alphabeat

    Every now and again a song comes along that completely blows away your perception of what good music is. It seems that in far away Denmark, they have a far more logical system in determing where pop music is actually good. Danish pop group Alphabeat has always had a bit of a...

  • News
    WJ Student Contributes to Election Day Victory

    *This article has been updated since published. Please view the Q&A with State Assembly Delegate Ariana Kelly...

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