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    Uni in the United Kingdom

    The college process is long and tedious. Beginning junior year, students must decide which colleges they are interested in, which they could get into, what they may want to major in, which locations are the most attractive–the list is infinite. Recently, however, a trend has become evident among American students–going to university...

  • Coed Volleyball
    Coed Volleyball: March 21 – March 28 Recap

    Games: March 21 vs Northwest,  March 23  at Whitman, March 28 vs Blair Scores: 15-25, 25-20, 20-25, 11-25 (Loss to Northwest); 11-25, 13-25, 22-25 (Loss at Whitman); 25-11, 25-15, 27-25 (Win over Blair) Highlight: “The third set  was especially intense but we were able to pull off a win.” – Junior outside...

  • Girls' Lacrosse
    Girls Lacrosse: March 22 – March 27 Recap

    Games: Tuesday, March 22 v. Wootton and Thursday, March 24 v. Poolesville Scores: 16- 12 (Win v. Wootton), 9-4 (Win v. Poolesville) Highlight: “Unstoppable” goalie Paige Waqa deflects strong offense  and aids Wildcats in their victories. MVP: Senior midfielder Rachel Skay Coach Insight: “Poolesville was ‘the team to beat’ – said The Gazette – and...

  • Baseball
    Baseball: March 21-25 Recap

    Games: March 22 vs. Rockville, March 23 vs. Blair Score: 0-10 (Loss to Rockville, five innings); 6-9 (Loss to Blair) MVP: Junior thirdbaseman/pitcher/outfielder Caldwell Clarke provided clutch hits against Rockville; junior catcher/pitcher Niko Sanchez had a solid outing against Blair, calling pitches behind the plate. Player’s Insight: “It took us those first games to find our footing, but I...

  • Feature
    Being Green

    As Kermit the Frog has told us for over half a century, it isn’t easy being green. Beginning in...

  • News
    Top Five World News Events: March 14 – March 20

    1. Struggle between Gaddafi’s forces and allies. Troops from the United States and Europe continue to battle...

  • Print
    Liz’s Life: Driving Disasters

      Anxious to get your license? It’s liberating and gives you a sense of maturity, but getting it before you’re ready can have repercussions. Here are some tips and behind-the-wheel blunders from a driver who just recently acquired her full license. 1. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on...

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    Boys Tennis Preview

    With the 2011 season underway, the boys tennis team has promise coming into big matchups against Whitman, Wootton and Churchill later this month and in April. With its first win against Gaithersburg behind them, the team is coming back stronger than last year, with senior Eric Duong and junior Wojtek Bieganski leading...

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    Curveball: Girls are from Venus, Boys are from Mars

    Feminism gets a bad rap. Any utterance referring to “women’s rights” is sure to elicit groans. Why do we have this attitude? We’re not explicitly bigoted – most people would support legal action in favor of women’s rights – but more complex, implicit discrimination is often overlooked. When I was little, the...

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    Point-Counterpoint: Not Time for Libraries to Check-Out

    When was the last time you flipped through a book’s pages, just to listen to the crinkle of the front and back covers? When was the last time you went to a library and voluntarily opened a book of your own choosing? The Internet doesn’t crinkle. Nor does it have a distinct...

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    Slugger: Spring Fever (A Little Early)

    You probably think I’m about to delve into a huge rant, blabbering on and on about something that irks me, something that has struck a nerve. But that would be too predictable, too simple. As this is a slugger, I’m going to send you one, readers, but on the opposite end of...

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    Photo Gallery: The Double Lives of Teachers

    Mr. Griffiths, Tango Dancer On Thursday afternoons, English teacher Bill Griffiths leaves school at 3:00 p.m. to buy appetizers and to transport his sound system, tea lights and camera down to the Washington, D.C. Eastern Market, where he stays until after 1 a.m. Griffiths not only grades papers and advises WJ’s Spectator magazine,...

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