• Opinion
    The Mascot Showdown

    Call me arrogant and obnoxious, but I got into every school I applied to and as it gets closer to May 1, I will have to decide where I will go to college. Choosing where to go to college is the biggest decision of my life so far. In the next four...

  • News
    Every 15 Minutes: A Close Look at its Resounding Effects

    *As seen in the April 28 print issue of The Pitch.  The jaws of life rip off...

  • Videos
    Every 15 Minutes

    Walter Johnson particpated in “Every 15 Minutes,” a program designed to awaken students to the concequences of drinking and driving through a series of simulations. The impact on students was indeed sobering. 00

  • WJ Clubs
    The Timeless Focus of the Horology Society

    With the ubiquity of cell phones, iPods and other electronics that all contain clocks, it seems that teenagers who wear watches are becoming increasingly difficult to find. But for members of WJ’s Horology Society, created last November, this generalization does not hold true. Horology, which is the art and science of making clocks...

  • Opinion
    Internships: Time Well Spent

    In planning your schedule for senior year, several elements come into play. What’s the right balance of easy versus hard classes? How many APs do you want or should take? How committed to school will you actually be? After choosing the remaining required classes you’ll need to graduate, electives can fill up...

  • Feature
    Making Music: A Family Affair

    Chris Gekker is an icon in the music world:  the trumpeter’s career has taken him from soloing...

  • News
    Top Five World News: April 4 – April 11

    1. Resistance in the Ivory Coast. On Sunday, April 10, in Abidjan, the economic capital of the Ivory...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Song of the Week: No Me Voy a Morir by Belanova

    Although Lady Gaga strives to put on a flashy and spirited act, the fact exists that, outside of America, American style pop is being done bigger and better. Enter Mexican pop trio Belanova, who are known in America for their 2007 hit “Baila Mi Corazon.” They take American fashion, stereotypes, and musical...

  • Softball
    Softball Updates: Whitman and Churchill

    Games: April 4 vs. Whitman, April 6 at Churchill Score: 2-3 Loss, 1-2 Loss Highlights: Against Whitman, junior centerfielder Sarah Bernstein got two base-hits, by laying down bunts, running out the throws made by the Vikings and hitting a base-hit from the right-side of the plate towards the end of the game. Against Churchill,  senior...

  • Sports News
    Track & Field: March 22 – March 29 Recap

    Games: March 22 (vs. Blake and Wootton), March 29 (vs. Whitman and Kennedy) Score 1: Boys – WJ 109-Blake 18, WJ 77-Wootton 56 Girls – WJ 84-Blake 52, WJ 52-Wootton 84 Score 2: Boys – WJ 112-Whitman 17, WJ 90-Kennedy 45 Girls – WJ 78-Whitman 54, WJ 69-Kennedy 66 Highlights: At the Wootton and Blake meet, WJ placed...

  • Softball
    Softball: March 21-25 Recap

    Games: Tuesday, March 22 at Rockville and Wednesday, March 23 v. Blair Scores: 15-6 (win v. Rockville)  9-2 (loss v. Blair) Highlights: Against Rockville, “Hannah hit a 2-run homerun and Bethany Buel pitched and had 12 strikeouts. Top of the seventh inning was our power inning at the plate, we scored eight runs...

  • Sports News
    New Look Washington Capitals

    Some call it the “Washington Capitals 2.0.” Others have predicted the new and improved defensive system will solidify the team’s chances of winning a Stanley Cup.  Whether or not the Caps will bring a championship home to D.C. remains to be seen, but with a nine-game win streak and the top spot in...

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