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    Pitch Opinion: SSL Hours

    That little number reflecting student service learning hours earned on the top right corner of quarterly report cards has one of three reactions from a student. One, the student cringes and starts to think about how he or she can get those few extra hours needed to meet the requirement. Two, the...

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    CounterPoint: Legalization of Marijuana

    Marijuana is classified as an illegal substance under the Controlled Substances Act for having a high potential of abuse, no accepted use in medical treatment and a lack of accepted safety for use as a drug or other substance under medical supervision. Marijuana should not be legalized for medical or recreational use...

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    Point: Legalization of Marijuana

    Fourteen states have passed legislation decriminalizing marijuana for medical purposes, and Maryland is looking to soon become the 15th, with discussion buzzing around a bill that could potentially change how Maryland treats this controlled substance. Passing this bill would be a step in the right direction for Maryland, but it doesn’t quite...

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    Curveball: The Incurable Disease

    A couple days before we went to press, I still had no idea what I wanted to write about. I contemplated different ideas, but I felt no inspiration. I had nothing. A question lingered in my mind. Why was I having so much difficulty coming up with a topic? Yes, I’ll usually...

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    Liz’s Life: The Big Con

      Upon entry to Universal Studio’s new park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I was impressed. What I had been imagining after 10 years of reading the books and eagerly awaiting the movies, like many of you Harry Potter buffs out there, was right in front of me. The castle of...

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    To The Editor

    It was with great disappointment and frustration that I read the editorial “Guidance: Guiding in the Wrong Direction?” in the most recent issue of The Pitch. The opinions inferred by the title, opening paragraph, and closing statement are starkly at odds with the quotes from Mr. Reynolds that allegedly were intended to...

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    Dr. Garran Leaves WJ (Continued from Print Pitch)

    In the final issue of the Pitch from the 2010-2011 school year, we sat with Dr. Garran for an interview about leaving WJ. Unfortunately, the Print Pitch could not fit his entire interview into the newspaper, so we provided it below for your enjoyment. How has your opinion of and view of...

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    SGA: Reflection

    PRESIDENT Michael New What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment this year?   Raising $38,780.30 What is your favorite memory from being in the SGA?     The day that we all got elected and we met in Mr. Atencio’s room and we all looked at each other and we...

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    Public Displays of Affection: Not Appropriate for School

    Imagine walking down the hall, minding your own business, when suddenly you bump directly into two people who are passionately making out. Of course, everyone, including innocent bystanders, is horrified. This whole situation could have been easily avoided if those individuals who were sucking face would simply take their lovin’ to a...

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    Lights, Camera, Fashion; Seize Life Fashion Show 2011

    Tuesday, May 17 marked WJ’s fifth annual charity fashion show. Planned by seniors Gaby Cavanagh and Sophie...

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    Graduation Speaker: Jody Olsen

    Chosen as this year’s commencement speaker, Dr. Jody Olsen was part of the first class to graduate from WJ and will be making an appearance on May 31 to speak at this year’s graduation to the Class of 2011. “It was the third year WJ was open, I was part of the...

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    The Start of a New Era for the Washington Wizards

     In ten years or so, Washington Wizards fans will no longer be familiar with the terms B.C.E. (Before Common Era) and C.E. (Common Era). Instead their minds will revolutionize their own timelines to revolve around B.J.W. (Before John Wall) and J.W. (John Wall). This is because twenty-year-old point guard John Wall is on track...

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