• Arts & Entertainment
    De Niro… Why?!?!

    Having never seen images of a train collision in slow motion, it would be very hard for me to be a silent observer to the decline of Robert Deniro’s career. This is the man who was in modern masterpieces like Godfather Part 2, Taxi Driver, Deer Hunter and  Goodfellas. He is one...

  • News
    Top Five World News Events: June 4 – June 9

    1. Germany Seeks Source of E. coli Outbreak. German officials have yet to locate the source of a deadly strain of the E. coli bacteria. As of June 7, 22 people in Europe died and over 2,000 have been infected. Nearly all of the deaths were reported in Germany; one person visiting...

  • Feature
    Time for Summer 2011

    Imagine the crystal clear water of a swimming pool rushing up to meet you as you dive beneath its surface. Picture the sand under your feet on a Hawaiian beach, a tropical breeze sifting through your hair. And think of the blades of a helicopter whirring as you prepare to step inside...

  • Print News
    Funding for School Resource Officers May be Lost Due to Budget Cuts

    A recent proposal to cut the School Resources Officer (SRO) program, prompted by budget deficits, caused the Montgomery County Council to consider the necessity of having Montgomery County police officers working at middle and high schools. The County Council voted on Dec. 14 to continue funding the SROs until the end of...

  • Opinion
    The Bullpen: Signing Off

    As I write my final editorial for The Bullpen, the day before graduation while listening to cliché graduation songs, I try to reflect on my past four years at WJ. If I wanted to truly reflect on every year of my high school career, I would have to write a novel. But...

  • Print
    Curveball: Girls are from Venus, Boys are from Mars

    Feminism gets a bad rap. Any utterance referring to “women’s rights” is sure to elicit groans. Why do we have this attitude? We’re not explicitly bigoted – most people would support legal action in favor of women’s rights – but more complex, implicit discrimination is often overlooked. When I was little, the...

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    Patience Rewards Boys Volleyball

    Coming into this season, the boys volleyball team has tremendous expectations after finishing 11-1 last year and making it to the third round of playoffs. Despite losing all-star senior and the highest ranked setter Jeremy Lee, the team returned a wealth of experience led by senior co-captain Juan Pablo Zuluaga, senior Felipe...

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    Senior Standouts

    Jake Reynolds: Rhode Island School of Design As a small boy, senior Jake Reynolds loved to watch Saturday morning cartoons and draw pictures. He never knew this hobby of drawing would lead him to the college of his dreams. Reynolds is attending Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) one of the nation’s...

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    Pencils Down: Why Standardized Tests are Flawed

      After 12 years of learning, it’s strange to think that one’s college admission is largely based on a four-hour test, such as the SAT or the ACT. Graduation requirements now include four High School Assessments (HSAs), and AP tests are also a common part of our education. So much of our...

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    Senior Standouts

    Tianhao He: Harvard University Harvard University, located in the heart of Cambridge, Mass., has been considered a prestigious school since it was established in 1636. From Presidents to Supreme Court justices to the creator of facebook, many influential people have attended Harvard, a school ranked number one in the nation by the...

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    Senior Standouts

    Gaby Cavanagh: University of Edinburgh Whether it’s because of the Harry Potter-esque campus, the rich Scottish history, or just because the city of Edinburgh is really cool, senior Gaby Cavanagh has decided to enroll in the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland. She feels that the advantages of going abroad are the...

  • Print
    Liz’s Life: Driving Disasters

    Anxious to get your license? It’s liberating and gives you a sense of maturity, but getting it before you’re ready can have repercussions. Here are some tips and behind-the-wheel blunders from a driver who just recently acquired her full license. 1. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the...

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