• Opinion
    The Purgatory of High School Requirements

    It’s first period of my senior year and I’m slouching lazily on a stool in a classroom filled with power tools and dust. I look around at the young faces of my peers as they play around with Popsicle sticks and paper, chatting away about their silly underclassmen homework assignments. In the...

  • Ask Ali
    Ask Ali: Articulately Challenged

    Dear Ali, I have problems with women.  Mostly, I don’t know how to articulate myself. First, there is a very smart sophomore girl, who I will call “Mary” for the purposes of this letter.  I have been stalking her since last year, and while I go out of my way to say...

  • News
    Top Five World News Events: Sept. 16 to Sept. 22

    1. American Hikers Freed From Iranian Prison. Two Americans who were held in Iran on espionage charges...

  • Ask Ali
    Ask Ali: Trying to Find Balance

    Dear Ali, I have so much on my plate! I’m taking a lot of hard classes and I don’t know how to manage schoolwork and my social life! How do I balance my schedule? Sincerely, Trying to find balance ———– Dear Trying to find balance, That’s awesome that you’re so ambitious! First...

  • The Inside Pitch
    NFL Week One Studs and Scrubs

    Football season is officially under way. Some teams are happy about this, while others probably wish Week One never happened, as there were an unusual number of blowouts. Eight games were won by two touchdowns or more, compared to only three games won this way during last year’s opening week. Also, defenses looked particularly...

  • Opinion
    My Personal War on the Listserv

    The WJ listserv is an extremely valuable tool; it informs many students and parents about happenings at WJ, events in the community, and important notifications that they may need to know. Its uses have even extended to aid parents credible tutors and babysitters. It is one of the most useful resources WJ...

  • Opinion
    Ethical Oil?

    A man shouts into the crowd, “Let’s see our proud rebel-rousers! Show us your badges of honor!”...

  • News
    Top Five World News Events: Sept. 9 to Sept. 15

    1. Israel Sees Unrest at Embassies in Egypt, Jordan. The Israeli ambassador to Jordan was recalled on...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Archer: James Bond, Ron Burgundy and Oedipus Rolled Up in One

    Leave it to the creators of Arrested Development to make TV’s best cartoon. Hit cartoon producer Adam...

  • News
    Pain, Memories Slow to Fade After Ten Years

    Ten years ago, thousands of people ran from the World Trade Center and Pentagon. America had been...

  • Ask Ali
    Ask Ali: Stuck in the Friend Zone

    This is the first installment of Ali’s advice column for the Pitch online. Feel free to write in to [email protected] to share your questions, concerns, embarrassing stories, or suggestions! Dear Ali, So there’s this boy who I really like, but he just considers me a friend. We’ve been friends for years but...

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    Senior Picnic 2011


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