• News
    Top Five World News Events: Nov. 19 to Nov. 25

    1. Clashes in Cairo between Police, Protesters. Protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square demanded that the leader of...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Song of the Week: Nightcall by Kavinsky

    Our nation’s Crazy, Stupid Love affair with Ryan Gosling may have reached its peak, but I don’t think my love for “Nightcall” by French DJ Kavinsky, which was featured in the soundtrack of Drive, ever will. Drive, directed by Danish director Nicholas Winding Refn, was a hit crime drama released in October...

  • News
    Top Five World News Events: Nov. 12 to Nov. 18

    1. Iran Closer to Nuclear Weapons. Iran rejected a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)...

  • Feature
    Debate Captains Take Backseat for Underclassmen

    With the first quarter of school over, the WJ Debate team has set its sights on the start of this year’s competition. Led by senior captains Leah Kraft, Catherine Liu and Omar Agha, the team looks forward to a great season. The captains are especially strong this year, after Liu finished last...

  • Boys' Soccer
    Boys Soccer State Championship Recap

    The spirit was almost tangible. But so was everyone’s breath – the temperature at a crisp 34 degrees, tons of WJ students arrived bundled in black winter attire. The game had an impressive start – WJ Wildcat Noah Sheetz-Ziegel scored the first goal within the first two minutes of the game. With 38...

  • Print
    The Teacher Clique

    Many students assume their teachers are robots who are put in a storage closet at the end of the day to recharge. But, in truth, they are people too and, like us, they have lives outside of school. But the other thing they do like us is make friends at school, an even...

  • Print
    Pride and Prejudice: Being Gay at WJ

    Recently, there has been ample media coverage regarding the suicides of homosexual youths who have been mercilessly bullied to a horrible breaking point. In lieu of these tragic events, the WJ community can reflect upon how it treats gay individuals in this area, and if there is any abuse occurring. The Gay...

  • Print
    Snack Smart: Healthy Eating During the Day

    Breakfast is said to be the healthiest meal of the day, correlating with success at school and the ability to stay awake. Yet, many still never eat it, often because they are always hurried or are just not hungry. After breakfast, it is common for students to snack on food throughout the...

  • Print
    WJ S*T*A*G*E’s Diary of Anne Frank

        Although many school plays tend to focus on comical or light-hearted theatric productions, WJ S*T*A*G*E has decided to key in on a more serious and historic interpretation this fall. Adapted from the novel of the same title, “The Diary of Anne Frank” is set in Amsterdam during World War II. The...

  • Print
    Four Guys and an Interview: Homecoming Video Preview

    The week of homecoming provides students with an opportunity to showcase their spirit through various activities and events, such as the hall decorations and spirit dress days. Since 1997, the presentation of the homecoming video has been paramount to the spirit at WJ. Although the writing of the video script relied mostly...

  • Print
    Wildcat Lore: Traditions and Mascots of WJ’s Past

    During the fall sports pep rally on the first Friday of school, a panda stood, cheering, alongside WJ’s mascots. Evidently, the time had come to figure out which mascots we do have and why. The answer lies deep in WJ’s history. WJ opened in 1956. In 1967, WJ transferred students to Woodward...

  • Print Editorial
    It’s Time for Change

    By the time students have arrived at high school, they are accustomed to a rigid and sometimes unforgiving school structure. Make sure you arrive to class on time. Pay attention. Keep all of your assignments organized so they are easily accessible. Once you get home, immediately start on your homework. Oh, and...

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