• News
    Drop in Crime Rates Calls Curfew Laws into Question

    On April 26, Montgomery County announced that, for the fifth consecutive year, crime rates have dropped. The...

  • Opinion
    Point-Counterpoint Affirmative Action: A System Full of Inequity and Injustice

    Affirmative action is an attempt at providing special accommodations to people of races that have faced economic and social roadblocks. These accommodations include accepting a minority to a college as opposed to a person of a majority population, if their grades and achievements are similar. The constitutionality of this has been challenged...

  • Feature
    Sounds of Music: Pit Orchestra Continues Excellence with Les Miserables

    Although the acoustics of any stage production may be overlooked in favor of the acting, those who...

  • Opinion
    (Continued from Print): The AP Dilemma: Are They Worth the Stress?

    In March, the winter weather is clearing up, but for many high school students, the school year is not winding down. We all know it: the countdown on the whiteboard, the practice tests and the seemingly endless review books. Over a two week span, students will be tested on the information (or...

  • Sports News
    WJ Poms 2012 Tryout Videos

    Clinics for the 2012-2013 WJ Pom Squad will be held on May 29 from 3:15-5:15 p.m. in the upstairs gym. Tryouts will be held on May 30, at 3:30 p.m. The video attached to this article showcases both routines that participants will be asked to learn. For more information, please contact senior captains Shiri...

  • Opinion
    Up-at-Bat: Affirmative Action in College Admissions

    This past February, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, which could potentially end affirmative action in college admissions. In past cases, the Supreme Court has banned racial quotas but upheld racially-conscious admissions. With many upperclassmen going through, or done with, the admissions process, WJ...

  • The Inside Pitch
    Bryce Harper Dominating the Big Leagues Already

    Just a week into his Major League career, Washington Nationals number one prospect Bryce Harper is making all sorts of noise. Known for taking some time to adjust when moving up levels of play, no one was surprised when Harper put up a mediocre .250 average in his first few weeks at...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    (Continued from Print): Summer Playlists: Start Off Summer with a Kick

    Ali’s Picks Somebody – Jukebox the Ghost Sweeter – Gavin Degraw Ok It’s Alright with Me – Eric Hutchinson  Cars – Lady Danville This Head I Hold – Electric Guest Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men Afterglow – Schuyler Fisk From Me to You – The Beatles Chicken Fried – Zac...

  • Feature
    Student Government 101: A Wrap-Up of the Junior and Senior Classes

    The Junior Class By Wahid Ishrar This year’s junior class officers consist of President Chris McCurry, Vice President Ty Glover, Secretary Gabe Vostal and Treasurer Defne Dilsiz. McCurry and Glover have held their respective positions for the past three years, while Dilsiz joined this year. McCurry will serve as SGA President for the upcoming school...

  • The Inside Pitch
    Pick-By-Pick NFL Draft Grades

    On April 26, round one of the NFL Draft was completed. As usual, some picks were expected, and others made fans scratch their heads. Highlighted by the anti-climactic top selections of quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin, the first round included a record high 16 traded picks. For a better understanding of how well...

  • Ask Ali
    Ask Ali: Scared of Leaving

    Dear Ali, I’m really afraid to graduate high school. Everyone is so excited to leave this suburban bubble and move on with their lives, but I’m legitimately worried about relationships changing with my best friends, being on my own in college and just not seeing some of these people ever again. Do...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Prom Restaurant Last-Minute Solutions

    1) Central Michel Richard  1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20004 Central is a pricey but classy D.C. restaurant that features gourmet hamburgers and a completely visible kitchen.  Some delicious eats can be had here, but if you want to get seated you’ll need a small party indeed. Reservations are hard to come...

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