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    News Flash: Boston Update

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombings, escaped during a shootout with police which took the life of his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, another suspect. Tsarnaev has has been identified as a 19-year old who went to high school in Cambridge, Mass. He was later found after Police authorized a massive...

  • Opinion
    The Age of Dissonance: Junioritis at its Finest

    The school year is winding down, but with AP tests and final exams around the corner, one...

  • Opinion
    Improving the Regular Season in Sports

    It’s a well known fact that England and the United States have vastly different sporting cultures. Cricket, football (soccer) and rugby are all popular sports in England that have mostly failed to take hold in the United States. Beyond these obvious differences is a foundational variation in how these two separate cultures...

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    News Flash: Boston Marathon Bombing

    On Mon. April 15, at around 2:50 p.m., two explosions erupted during the Boston marathon, about three hours after the winners crossed the finish line. The explosions were within 10 seconds of each other and caused massive panic and confusion. Two other bombs were found and were diffused before they could do...

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    News Flash: Student Death in Rockville

    On Mon. April 8, 17-year-old Rockville HS student, Michelle Miller, was found dead in the Germantown house of 31-year old Adam A. Arndt, an Army staff Sargent in an apparent muder-suicide. According to a police report, Arndt shot Miller and then shot himself, leaving her family, friends and schoolmates devastated. The two...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Trend Alert– Tech Edition: Kickstarter

    Those in the film industry who have ideas for new movies typically go to producers who consult their director friends who then help to get it in the making. However, this is not always the case, especially with the new trends in technology. Actress Kristen Bell falls under this category with her upcoming project, a...

  • The Inside Pitch
    Louisville Takes Home NCAA Title

    The Louisville Cardinals were the number one team coming into the mens’ NCAA tournament, and they came out number one.  The champions were led in the Final Four by unlikely star Luke Hancock,  who was named MVP. Hancock, a transfer student from George Mason, led the comeback against both the Wichita State Shockers and the Michigan Wolverines. The...

  • Feature
    Club Profile: Pep Band

    WJ is known for its spirited students and staff. To help pump up the crowd even more is WJ’s Pep Band, a group of 30 members who play at sporting events and other outside school activities. Co-leader of the squad, senior Jesse Cole, joined his freshman year initially wanting to get into...

  • Feature
    Slough but Steady: Assistant Principal Janan Slough

    WJ knows Principal Jennifer Baker as the commander in chief, but just as Obama has his cabinet, Baker has her own right hand men and women. They are seen them disciplining students and patrolling the halls, but what does an assistant principal like Janan Slough do behind closed doors? According to Slough,...

  • Feature
    Looking through another grade’s eyes: Student Profiles

    Freshman: Saumya Dobriyal Freshman Saumya Dobriyal has become involved with S*T*A*G*E  Crew and Best Buddies, and has started a club called Together to End Hunger, which has raised more than $1,400, all within her first semester of high school. At the beginning of her career as a high school student at WJ,...

  • Feature
    Starting Over: Learning English as a Second Language

    Bethesda is a diverse location, inhabited by numerous cultures, religions and races, and WJ is no exception. The school’s diversity has made the  English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program, essential to the school’s wide ranged success. For many students, their enrollment in the ESOL program means starting from scratch. Learning conversational...

  • Ask Ali
    Message Megan: A Weighty Issue

    Dear Megan, I am concerned about a friend of mine who has started a diet. She is...

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