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    Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Ban on Affirmative Action

    The Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s ban on the use of race as a criteria for college admissions on April 22. In a 6-2 decision the court ruled that a lower court could not overturn the ban which was approved in Michigan in 2006 after a referendum in which 58 percent of voters supported the measure....

  • Feature
    Advantage Ethiopia: Kids Tennis and Education Initiative Gives Kids Opportunity for Better Education and to Play Tennis

    Often times, when students want to get involved in their community and fight for a particular cause,...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    The Best Ways to Waste Your Spring Break

    As we all know, spring break is coming up soon. For most people, that means one of two reactions. The first would be: “OMG I’m so excited! I’m going to the beach, and I’m going to surf and work on my tan!”, while the other reaction would be: “OMG I’m so excited!...

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    BREAKING NEWS: Northwest and Northwood High Schools Under Lockdown

    Northwest and Northwood High Schools  were evacuated due to bomb threats around 9:30 a.m. Currently, students at both schools are back in their respective buildings and under lockdown. According to Kate Hornburg, a sophomore at Northwest, the school was initially under lockdown for 20 minutes. Students were then evacuated, and were supposed to go to Seneca Valley...

  • Sports News
    Phelps Dives Back In

    Michael Phelps recently announced that he is coming out of retirement and returning to competitive swimming. The Olympic competitor has won 22 Olympic medals, 18 of them gold, and has not raced since the summer Olympics of 2012 in London. His retirement lasted 20 months. Phelps will swim the 100-meter butterfly at...

  • Opinion
    “Game of Thrones” Returns for Season Four

    After almost an entire year, the crtically-acclaimed series “Game of Thrones” returns to HBO for its fourth season. The show is based off of the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin, and this season focused specifically on the third book: “A Storm of Swords” with small parts from...

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    Pennies for Patients: Short of the Goal, but Proud of the Impact

    After a long month and a half of fundraising efforts, WJ’s Pennies for Patients campaign is at an end. The final total amount raised to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) was $52,331.77, about $33,000 short of the school’s goal of $85,000. Though the school did not reach its fundraising goal, SGA President...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    WJ S*T*A*G*E’s Aida To Open April 25

    On April 25, WJ S*T*A*G*E will open its spring musical and final show of the 2013-2014 school year, Elton John’s “Aida.” The musical revolves around the conflict between ancient Egypt and Nubia, in which Aida, the princess of Nubia, is taken hostage along with other Nubians, and held as a slave in Egypt....

  • Arts & Entertainment
    “The Wolf of Wall Street”: A Captivating and Thrilling Flick

    Chock full of drugs, money and sex, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a thrilling ride from start to finish. The movie, which was nominated for several academy awards, follows a young stock broker named Jordan Bellford (Leonardo DiCaprio) who dreams of making the big time. After being fired from his job at the bottom...

  • News
    Financial Aid: The Upper-Middle Class Struggle

    Counselor Dennis Reynolds defines financial aid  as a “combination of merit based and need based financial assitance...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    The New Man of Steel: “RoboCop” Reboot

    I’ll admit it, when I first decided to write this review, I was ready to tear apart an awful reboot. But fortunately, “RoboCop” surprised me not only with its new story and graceful transition from a cheesy gorefest to something more, but also with its sheer goodness as a movie. It doesn’t...

  • Feature
    Modern-day Feminists Celebrate Women’s History Month

    Many people are unaware of the fact that since 1955, March has been designated as National Women’s...

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