• Sports
    College Basketball Preview

    It’s that time of year again; the leaves begin to fall, and so do the number of days until the college basketball season begins. Six months removed from the “NCAA tournament of “Cinderellas,” Grant and I begin to evaluate how this year’s season will play out.  These predictions include likely favorites in each power conference, players who...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Zack’O’Lanterns 2.0: Let’s get Pump(kin)ed

    Its been almost a year since I shook up the Jack’O’Lantern scene with my article “Carving Up October”...

  • Opinion
    Phone-Less: A Teenage Nightmare

    This week, I had to face what terrifies most teens: a school day without my phone. My iPhone was completely broken for almost two days with absolutely no explanation. It refused to turn on no matter what I did with it. The thought of school on Monday without my phone terrified me,...

  • Opinion
    Too Stressed for Tricks Or Treats

    Every high school student knows that the two weeks leading up to the final day of the quarter are probably the most stressful two weeks in existence. I’ve attended every quiz retake possible in an effort to bring up some borderline grades. Quizlet has become my new best friend. While I’m stuck...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Is It 2006 Again: A Look Into Music Comebacks

    “History repeats itself,” is not only a common phrase and trend seen in daily life, but also a common...

  • Feature
    Public Affair: Why Some Private School Students Switch to Public

    When he walked into WJ for the first time, junior Ariel “Ari” Mendelson was shocked at the...

  • Feature
    Teacher Profile: Nico Atencio

    Walking into Nico Atencio’s main-floor classroom at lunch, you may be tempted to apologize for interrupting a...

  • Opinion
    Summer Sleepaway Camps Have Year-Long Benefits

    There are many things teenagers do to gain confidence, skills and form close bonds. Some people join...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Homecoming Football Game 2014


  • Arts & Entertainment
    Markoff’s Haunted Forest Review

      After 22 years of scaring customers, Markoff’s Haunted Forest has it down to a science. Every...

  • News
    UK Stays United: Scotland Votes “No” in Historic Referendum

    On Sept. 18, Scotland voted on the movement to declare independence from the United Kingdom (U.K.) and become its own country. To the surprise of many, Scotland’s majority vote was to stay a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. “Yes Scotland” was the official name for the Scottish Independence...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Throwing Wrenches and Serving Waitresses

    On Sunday, Oct. 19, local band Throwing Wrenches performed at the Hard Rock Café in Washington, D.C. When...

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