Video of the Week: Jenna Marbles– “Things Girls Lie About”

Video courtesy YouTube

Sabrina Clarke, Online Arts & Entertainment

This video is the most hilarious Jenna Marbles, formally known as Jenna Mourey, video, capturing a girl’s typical behavior and how she has a tendency to play up her best (and worst) features.

The video highlights lies, specifically lying about age, height, education, beauty, diets, friends, enemies, money, abilities and fashion.

Mourey relates herself to all of the examples of what girls lie about and makes them seem raucously hilarious, despite their seriousness.

Being a religious Jenna Marbles-video-watcher every Wednesday, this is by far one of the funniest and truest to the female nature. No matter how much a girl may try to deny it, all have some form of these traits in us.

For example, Mourey highlights that girls have a tendency to claim that they don’t talk behind others backs because they wouldn’t want others doing the very same thing to them, but the funny part is that girls love the attention. We wallow in the idea of people talking about us, whether it’s bad or good, and love the fact that we then become the center of attention.

This concept, along with others displayed in the video, is the reason why Mourey’s video is by far the funniest one yet describing girl’s behaviors.