Fat Amy steals the show once again in Pitch Perfect 2


Photo courtesy of morguefile/taylorschlades

Pitch Perfect 2 is taking the box office by storm.

Ally Orndorff, Staff Writer

Pitch Perfect 2 is dominating the box office for the second week in a row. The Pitch Perfect sequel once again features Anna Kendrick as the leader of an elite women’s college a capella group, ‘The Barden Bellas”, along with sidekick Fat Amy played by the comical Rebel Wilson. Most of the original cast returned in the new movie, including the two witty a capella competition judges Elizabeth Banks and WJ alumni John Michael Higgins. However, many characters that played a major role in the first film were downgraded to supporting actors with no more than twenty lines the whole film. Becca’s love interest from the first movie, Jesse Swanson (Skylar Astin) was barely seen throughout the film. This being said, the movie was not much different from the first. There was still the same risquè humor, the ups and downs of college life and the idea that the world revolved around performing. As fans might expect, Fat Amy has the movie’s funniest one liners, sure to cause an uproar of laughter throughout the theater.

All through the movie, Kendrick’s character leads her group of friends and singers to the world championship for a capella to regain themselves after a mishap at a previous performance where Fat Amy gave President Obama a “gift from down under.” After this national disaster, the Barden Bellas are working towards redeeming themselves by beating their rivals from Germany, “Das Sound Machine”, commonly referred to as DSM throughout the film.

Overall, if you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh with good actors and performances, Pitch Perfect 2 is a safe bet and you won’t be disappointed. However, it is recommended you see the first film beforehand so there isn’t any confusion.