WJ staff teach in style


Ally Orndorff, Assistant A&E editor

Teaching at a high school can be very difficult. Being surrounded by fashionable teenagers can be nerve-wracking and daunting. No teacher ever wants to lack a sense of style.

Teachers at WJ not only have to plan what they are going to teach the class, but also plan what they are going to wear each morning. Although teaching could be categorized as a “laid-back” job, teachers obviously can not show up to school in tank tops and mini-skirts; there has to be some professionalism in their choice of clothing. Comfort seems to be a must for pretty much every teacher, including WJ English teacher, Cachanda Orellana.

“I dress 100% for comfort. I could not walk around all day in heels, so when I see [other teachers] who do that I’m just like my feet could not take it so I would definitely say I dress more for comfort,” Orellana said.

There is undoubtedly a wide range of styles within the WJ community. Everyone believes that the clothes someone wears is a statement to who they are, and teachers are no exception. Should teachers be allowed to express themselves through their clothes, too? Should they be able to ignore the potential negative outcome it may reflect on their students? A teenager will not respect nor listen to an elder wearing a floral crop top and high-waisted jeans, even if that is just the teacher expressing their “hippie” style.

“Of course, I do dress more conservative in school and I cover up a little more. I mean I am only 24 years old… so forgive me if you run into me outside of school and I am dressed a little more scandalous,” Orellana explained.

Male teachers tend to have it easier when choosing what to wear for the day. The typical outfit would consist of slacks, a tie and a dress shirt.

“My personal style, I’d say is business casual. I really like Kenneth Cole [clothing],”social studies teacher Christopher Murray said.

Designer labels are not very popular among the people at WJ. Most teachers and students can agree that labels are just unnecessary and not worth it.

“I just don’t see what is so great about designer clothing. Either way, it’s a tie made out of cotton,”  sophomore Michelle Nashed said.

Students do value their own clothes and outfits each day, but most likely do not realize the efforts put in by their teachers to look as modern, and professional, as possible.

“They should dress professionally but also be casual, but I don’t think it matters too much,” junior Mary Rosenbaum said.


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