Top 3 Holiday looks for 2016



In WJ’s impressive array of clubs and activities, our school boosts a fashion club.  Fashion Club graciously teamed up with The Pitch staff to bring you some informed fashion advice for the winter season. Their expertise made this fashion column possible. The fashion club stays connected with year round activities, sales and social media. Be sure to check out the club’s Instagram @style_by_students to see some of their inspiration. They’re also planning an upcoming clothing drive in partnership with the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) and will be selling chokers later this winter to raise funding. For more information, stop by the club and get involved!


It’s no surprise that tall boots have found themselves high on the list of winter fashions, seeing as they’re the perfect shoes. They are comfortable, as most boots are, and functional as they keep your legs warm in the frigid winter months. You couldn’t name another shoe that can look so cute while simultaneously hiding your legs’ unsightly winter coat.

Another plus to these perfect accessories is that they’re particularly trending with celebrity favorites at the moment. Fashion icons such as Ariana Grande and several of the Kardashians/Jenners have been out and about this season rocking tall boots. Kendall Jenner even wore thigh-highs at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

The WJ fashion club is also on on par with this style, sharing our enthusiasm about the trend.

“I love high boots because they’re so daring, they fit my darker, winter aesthetic,” president of the WJ fashion club, Juliana Bakumenko said.

Tall boots are also an extremely versatile look, you can wear them with an oversized sweater or a body con dress, it’s all up to you! Bakumenko also saw the appeal in the options.

“I think high boots are so versatile because they bring a trendy feel to more casual occasions, but they still work with shorter cocktail dresses and jumpsuits for more elegant looks,” Bakumenko said. “They can really pull an outfit together!”

It’s undetermined whether or not these boots are an everyday look you can wear to school, but if you choose to take the leap others are sure to follow. We can all agree that whether you’re living the Kardashian lifestyle or are more of a couch potato, these boots can easily up your fashion game this winter season.


This one should go without saying. There’s nothing cozier or more elegant than draping yourself in fur, whether it’s real or not. As we all learned from Chanel on Fox’s Scream Queens, it goes with every outfit.

Scream Queens definitely brought this style back in a big way.

“The media and modern shows influence the popularity of everything, because seeing the way they can be styled increases the likelihood they’ll be worn,” Bakumenko said. In this case, we’re glad the media can quickly popularize such a wonderful accessory.

A pale pink faux fur cape could easily be draped over your outfits to go and wander in a winter wonderland. A silver drape can be strung across your shoulders at a New Year’s Eve party so you can have all the eyes on you. The options are all so glamorous!

Anyone with some cash to burn can buy their furs from a selective designer or on Rodeo Drive, but for the more casual looks you can find your way to the mall. Forever 21, Abercrombie and Fitch, Guess and Macy’s all sell fur accessory options this winter.

Fur is another fashion that’s common amongst A-list celebrities. Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus have all been seen working fur in 2016.

If you’re concerned with the impact that wearing fur has on animals and the environment, there’s no harm in going faux. It’s cheaper, kinder to animals and still gives you that chiche look.


Everyone loves to show their holiday cheer, no matter what holiday they celebrate. When going to a holiday party or an office party, it is crucial to wear something festive to display your spirit. Even though many are strictly against it, ugly Christmas sweaters have come back into fashion and have become a go-to when attending a holiday party. Although Christmas sweaters are the most popular, many wear Hanukkah sweaters as well. In addition to the ugly holiday sweaters, other popular festive wear include reindeer antlers, Santa hats and elf hats.

Ugly Christmas sweaters most likely became popular from the celebrity world which has made them a desired article of clothing this holiday season. Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato have worn their favorite ugly Christmas sweaters to various social events, often posting to social media.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a more humorous, rather than cute, way of displaying holiday cheer. When going to a friendly Christmas party with friends, family and coworkers, an ugly Christmas sweater is a fantastic option.

On the other hand, when going to a more professional event, maybe an ugly Christmas sweater would not be the best choice. Accessories are more commonly worn to add a little pop of color to a holiday event. People tend to wear either a Santa hat or reindeer antlers. These low key accessories flaunt subtle support for holiday celebrations.

In addition, accessories are easier to wear with a simpler outfit. It is almost effortless to wear a businesslike outfit, but then add a little fun and humor by complimenting the outfit with a holiday themed accessory.

“I definitely think colors and styles are the best way to show your holiday spirit, for example wearing a red and green Christmas sweater,” Bakumenko said.

In the end, there are many clothing and accessory options when desiring to parade some festive holiday joy at a winter outing.