Prom serves as setting for flaunting creative dresses

Lily Smith

Ever since being little, every girl has dreamt about the prom dress that she would wear so many years in the future. The time finally came for many high schoolers, as they browsed their options, got the appropriate alterations, and tried their dress on for the final time before the big night. WJ seniors as well as invited underclassmen should have had this search completed as prom occurred Friday, April 28. Each year WJ students come to impress, flaunting a variety of prom dresses. Here are the most popular prom dress styles for the 2017 prom season:

Black: Black dresses have become a go-to in the prom department. Black dresses can be matched easily with any color accessory, along with diamonds or studs that might accompany the look. In addition, back dresses can also be reworn for many occasions following prom.

Lace: Wearing lace allows students to modernize a vintage look. Lace brings back fashion from the past, but puts a chic twist on the look, making their dresses unique.

Cut-outs: Recently, cut-outs have become the most desired prom look. Cut-outs create a flirty look, allowing girls to show little bits of skin, without overdoing it. Cut-outs dresses are one of a kind, as their are endless design and color combinations.

Pastel: Lots of prom-goers this year decided to wear pastel colored prom dresses. The spring season is in full bloom, so it is popular to break out the bright colors. As a plus, these pastel colors are easy to pair with a variety of accessories.

Two-piece: Last year, two-piece trends broke out as the most popular prom look. This year, the style still remains sought-after, as girls can bear their midriff with a different style of dress. Two-pieces are made of a crop top, along with a long skirt of many colors and designs.

Short: It is a well-known fact around WJ that seniors wear long dresses, while juniors, sophomores and freshmen wear short dresses. In recent years, though, many seniors have been drawn to short dresses, allowing them to show off their legs in a low-cut dress.

The dress was just the start to completing the prom look. Most girls skipped school for half of the day on Friday in order to get their nails, hair and makeup done. In the early evening, everyone attended their pre-prom parties, where the girls were able to parade their beautiful dresses that they had waited so long to wear.