How To Survive Dorm Life in Style

Sophi Thompson, A&E Editor


  • Become a freshie chef, the easy way

As any upcoming college student should know, the college diet revolves around cafeteria food and ramen noodles cooked in coffee pots. Take your culinary game to the next level by investing some time in googling delicious microwave recipes! You can learn how to make yummy cakes, scrambled eggs, and other delicacies in order to become the Snack Lord of your dorm. Check out one of Buzzfeed’s lists on mug cakes if you’re tired of sad college salad bars.


  • Keep your closet in check

A classic college mishap is showing up with too many outfits to fit in a tiny little dresser and ending up with garbage bags full of clothes piled up in the corner for the whole first semester. Don’t be that person. Try folding your clothes and packing them in drawers vertically, almost doubling your dresser space! Another cool hack is to save soda can tabs and use them as hooks to stack hangers on each other and easily expand your closet. Be very careful when packing: yes you’re packing for the next year of your life but consider your space limitations as well as all the money you’re about to drop at the college store. If you’re still lacking in space, try putting your bed on cheap lifts to create some instant storage underneath.


  • Set up a charging station

This one’s pretty simple, but it’s a lifesaver regardless. Buy a powerstrip or two,found on Amazon for less than five dollars, and set them up either close to your bed for late night access or under your desk for a proper work station. Keep all your chargers and cords plugged in at your station and you’ll never have to face the dreaded 1% battery ever again. It’s a good idea to charge up while you’re sleeping, to avoid falling asleep staring at your phone and so you’ll wake up with enough battery to last the day.


  • Try out a chore chart

It might sound like every piece of advice your mom’s given you for college, but the best way to keep your room clean and your friendship with your roommate intact is to make the shared responsibility of the chores very clear. Each of you should be responsible for your own stuff and the management of your space, but things like cleaning the floors and dusting often go overlooked in college. Alternate tasks biweekly and your room will smell better than every other dorm on Earth and they’ll be very little tension in that tiny space.