Students get runway ready for Homecoming 2022


Photo courtesy of Nick Zayas

Junior Nick Zayas hops from store to store searching for the perfect suit. Many students start shopping several weeks before Homecoming in order to be put together ahead of time.

Homecoming is the first semi-formal event of the school year when everyone debuts their first bold look of the year. The day normally consists of taking a painstaking amount of pictures, going out for a fancy dinner and for some, going to the actual Homecoming dance. For many years, the majority of those who attended Homecoming were freshmen and seniors, who aimed to indulge in their first and last experiences.

There are new fashion trends every year and older ones that are brought back into the zeitgeist that inform student’s clothing selections. However, Homecoming attire for guys is pretty standard: a button-up shirt with dress pants or khakis, along with a tie and dress shoes. Meanwhile, girls tend to opt for a colorful dress or a stylish suit.

Some guys go shopping for a snappy new look, while others DIY it with clothes they already own. For guys with dates in particular, the main thing they have to pay attention to is whether or not their outfit matches their partner’s.

“I start planning a little bit over a month before Homecoming. There’s a lot to think about, like planning your date, who I coordinate my outfit with, who you’re going with and where you’re going to take pictures,” junior Nick Zayas said.

To look good in their staged pictures and in the moment while dancing, many girls order their dresses ahead of time, keeping delivery time in account and counting the days until their order arrives. Other girls prefer to shop for a dress in-person to experience how the dress fits on them before buying it. Senior Natalize Zaid opts for the latter.

“When shopping for dresses, I typically wear green or blue because I have green eyes and those are the colors I know look good on me. However, this year I decided to go out of my comfort zone and found a pink dress,” Zaid said.

While there are many star aspects of Homecoming, everyone has their own favorite aspect.

“My favorite part about Homecoming is getting dressed up and being able to get ready with my friends. Getting ready with friends definitely boosts my confidence and gets me even more excited to see everyone else,” sophomore Jaylene Ayala said.

Homecoming brings out all kinds of expressive trends and looks, which marks it as a defining night of fun for students of all grades.