• Soul Men Perform as Expected in Decent Comedy

    Soul Men is the story of at odds bandmates, Louis Hinds (the always loveable Samuel L. Jackson) and Floyd Henderson (played by the recently deceased comedy legend Bernie Mac) as they team up for a cross country trip to the Apollo Theatre for a reunion performance.  The two haven’t spoken for over...

  • Out of Left Field: Ear Abuser, Ear Abuser, Oh You’re An Ear Abuser

    Attention students of America: I have an exciting new prospect for you. All that crap your parents gave you about applying yourself is useless now. A propitious career is on the horizon—one that promises even the most unimaginative, no-talent hack a comfortable and lavish lifestyle. I am talking about the exciting and...

  • Out of Left Field: Spotted On Network TV: Surgically Enhanced, Old-Ass, Fake Teens — xoxo Gossip Girl

    A couple of nights ago, I was out on the town at one in the morning, swigging Cosmos and soaking in my own fabulousness. I made my way down Rodeo Drive (or was it Park Avenue?) surrounded by other paradoxically bright-yet-dumb, beautiful-yet-emotionally ugly and young-yet-really old people like myself. We fought, made...

  • Movies from the Vault: The Princess Bride

    When you’re stuck in bed, feeling on the verge of death by flu, a visit from Grandpa and an uncomfortable cheek-pinching session is about the last thing you want. However, when your Grandpa happens to be the kindly and comical Peter Falk bearing a copy of The Princess Bride, you’re in for...

  • Palahniuk’s Novel Adaptation Choke Falls Flat

    Sex in our modern culture is generally revered, glorified, and at times nearly heralded. Seldom, if ever, is sex seen as a drug as it is in Choke, a jumbled, confusing, and altogether rushed Chuck Palahniuk novel adaptation directed by Clark Gregg. Victor Mancini (a sickly sly Sam Rockwell) is a sex-addict anti-hero...

  • Gossip Girl Returns for Second Season

    “Gossip Girl” returns with its second season, airing Monday nights at 8 p.m. on the CW. Based on the Gossip Girl series of books by Cecily von Ziegesar, the show follows the fabulous lives of a group of teenagers living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  With dramatic relationships, betrayals, and...

  • “Skins”: The Best TV Show You’ve Never Seen

    Let’s face it: we live in a world dominated by overly-made up, twenty-something models attempting to play “normal” teenagers on television programs. So common is this practice that it’s a rare and unexpected delight to discover a show that not only dresses its actors in affordable clothing, but repeats outfits and actually...

  • Skeletal Lamping a Jumbalaya of the Zany, Ironic and Fantastic

    To say that Kevin Barnes, the loopy front man of indie-pop/psychedelic/funk/experimental/twee pop band of Montreal, is weird would be putting it mildly. Best known for wearing colorful war paint and having the musical attention span of a fruit fly, Barnes and his gaggle of merry, brightly-dressed band mates have possessed a contagious,...

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