• WJ S*T*A*G*E Begins the School Year with a Dose of Humor in “Noises Off”

    Following the debuts of The Diary of Anne Frank and Les Miserables last year, both theatric works with heavy undertones, WJ S*T*A*G*E is determined to lighten the mood with the comedy Noises Off this fall. Auditions took place during the second week of school, and saw close to 60 students come to try out for nine...

  • Up-at-Bat: Kony 2012

    The staggering power of the Internet was once again highlighted this month with the release of Invisible Children’s 30 minute video about its campaign to make Joseph Kony, the most wanted international war criminal, famous. The explosion of activism over social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, in the last month brought...

  • Catch-Up with Dr. Garran: Video Interview

    Last year, the WJ community was devastated to see beloved principal, leader and friend Christopher Garran step...

  • Up at Bat: Lunchtime Politics

    As the Republican Presidential debates continue and Obama’s first term is starting to wrap up, WJ students...

  • Song of the Week: When the Night Falls by Chromeo

    To celebrate to this week’s holiday, only a romantic song from no other than the funky Quebecois duo Chromeo will do. Channeling the ’70s and ’80s, this dynamic pair has hit another win with their most recent single “When the Night Falls.” Chromeo has enjoyed modest success in America, but the most exposure it has gotten was...

  • Video of the Week: Carl Warner’s Landscapes Made of Foodstuffs

    Have you ever thought of what you could do with food besides eat it? For example, use them as objects for lanscape-like images? That is exactly what Carl Warner, a British photographer, does for a substantial amount of his career. In this video, Warner’s background is discussed and we see Warner at...

  • Video of the Week: Investigating Swag Syndrome

    Director Daveo Mathias, a subscriber to Funnyordie.com, along with the help of MTV, has made a short but comprehensive video about the “swag epidemic” taking the nation by storm. To summarize it, this video is hilarious. It never breaks face, and keeps the swag satire going until the bitter end. Depending on the social circles...

  • Song of the Week: Perth by Bon Iver

    Learning how to swallow your pride is a good New Year’s resolution. Which is why the first Song of the Week for 2012 is “Perth” by Bon Iver, despite their popularity with hipsters and Rolling Stone’s odious ongoing love affair with them. Bon Iver is simply amazing. Kanye West said as much in an interview with...

  • Girls Basketball Succeeds Under Leadership of New Coach

    First year coach Lindsey Zegowitz has already begun leading the Girls Varsity Basketball team to victory in...

  • Video Of the Week: Teach Me How to Wombach

    Wildcats go viral! Over the summer, senior Caroline Hagerty and class of 2011 graduates Liza Ellis and Alicia Dodrill made a video tribute to American soccer player Abigail Wambach, who made an impressive showing at this year’s FIFA  women’s World Cup Final. The video now has over 20,000 views, and the makers...

  • Song of the Summer: Pumped Up Kicks

    This song is one of the most highly disturbing songs of the generation, yet it hit the Hot 100 list as soon as it was released. “Pumped Up Kicks” was Foster the People’s first song to be released and was also included in their first album Torches, which hit the racks May 23,...

  • Song of the Week: You Only Get What you Give by the New Radicals

    Fondly remembering music that you weren’t old enough to know at the time it was released might seem like forced nostalgia, but when the music is as good as ‘90s pop was, pardons must be made. “You Only Get What you Give” by the New Radicals is a seminal ‘90s hit, often...

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