• Pain, Memories Slow to Fade After Ten Years

    Ten years ago, thousands of people ran from the World Trade Center and Pentagon. America had been...

  • Every 15 Minutes

    Walter Johnson particpated in “Every 15 Minutes,” a program designed to awaken students to the concequences of drinking and driving through a series of simulations. The impact on students was indeed sobering. 00

  • Making Music: A Family Affair

    Chris Gekker is an icon in the music world:  the trumpeter’s career has taken him from soloing...

  • 2011 Male Poms

    The boys performed their routine at the spring sports pep rally on March 18. 00

  • Video of the Week: Extraordinary New Footage of Japan

    This footage showcases the sort of destruction the island nation of Japan experienced as a major earthquake (magnitude 8.9) broke records last Friday as the strongest earthquake to hit Japan, ever. Chaos ensued, as a tsunami followed the earthquake; now, Japan deals with high levels of radiation as its nuclear power plants...

  • Video of the Week: Fireworks fail 大馬最恐怖的煙火

    The title manages to aptly describes this video, but it still completely understates the magnitude of the failure. What looks like an innocent, civilian-launched firework rocket turns out to be the source of everyone in the vicinity losing control of their bowels as the rocket sends debris that explodes dangerously low. 00

  • Speed Dating for Pennies for Patients

    Watch the video of the awkward, but fun event on Feb. 14, 2011. 00

  • PPP: Pong for Pennies for Patients

    Watch the video of the successful event held on Feb. 9. 80 teams ponged for Pennies for Patients to raise money for the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma. 00

  • Video of the Week: Amazing Girl Slalom

    The ChunCheon World Slalom Competition in Korea this year played host to a slew of competitors; ChenChen from China (using rollerblades) slaloms between the cones nearly flawlessly. Coordinating with some simultaneously haunting and upbeat music, she employs a slew of tricks. Riding on one wheel, fluid footwork, and rolling with one foot...

  • Breaking the Addiction: Facebook Perspectives

    It seems as though the entire world is on Facebook—at least, the world I am concerned with. In fact, there are more than 500 million active Facebook members and 50% of them log on to Facebook in any given day. Now this may sound insane to the nonusers and those who deem...

  • Video of the Week: The Black Hole

    Short films often go unnoticed on Youtube, despite the quality of entertainment they can provide. Creativity is a must in most of these low-budget productions, as they normally can’t afford over-the-top special effects. This film “The Black Hole,” is about a man who discovers a black hole that lets him reach through...

  • Video of the Week: Japan’s Laser 3D Image Display

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Prepare to be taught once again by the Japanese about the newest technology. This 3D image display shown at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) ionizes a gas in the air to create plasma, making a whiteish blue light. This device ionizes the gas very...

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