• Video of the Week: The Black Hole

    Short films often go unnoticed on Youtube, despite the quality of entertainment they can provide. Creativity is a must in most of these low-budget productions, as they normally can’t afford over-the-top special effects. This film “The Black Hole,” is about a man who discovers a black hole that lets him reach through...

  • Video of the Week: Japan’s Laser 3D Image Display

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Prepare to be taught once again by the Japanese about the newest technology. This 3D image display shown at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) ionizes a gas in the air to create plasma, making a whiteish blue light. This device ionizes the gas very...

  • Video of the Week: Hilarious British Animal Voiceovers

    “Al! Allen! Al!” This clip, part of a several-season TV series airing on British television called “Walk On The Wild Side” is undeniably weird, but also undeniably entertaining. The show takes clips of nature being bizzare and voices over its own dialogue; the British accents give a variety of animals (birds, monkeys, gorillas,...

  • Winter Sports Preview: Wrestling

    Filmed by Brendan Benge, Josh Benjamin, Daniel Gorelik and Emil Hafeez Produced by Katie Levingston 00

  • Video of the Week: Let It Be – Gylne Tider

    Welcome to the strangest, most washed-up six minutes of 2010. It gives us the video that has been missing from our lives: a sing-along to the famous Beatles song, lip-synched by a copious amount of old celebrities from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s who are all on a hilariously fake computerized beach...

  • Winter Sports Preview: Girls Basketball

    By Katie Levingston, Parker Smith, Brendan Benge and Emil Hafeez 00

  • Video of the Week: Literal Twilight

    Making fun of “Twilight” has  been done enough that it should be an art form by now, and in this case, it is. Posted by user Tobuscus, this short parody of “Eclipse” in the “Twilight” series features a voice-over that solely points out the ludicrousness of the trailer and the acting in...

  • Winter Sports Preview: Swim & Dive

    By Katie Levingston 00

  • Winter Sports Preview: Boys Basketball

    By Katie Levingston and Parker Smith 00

  • The GSA: A Welcoming Part of WJ

    By Katie Levingston 00

  • New Feature: Video of the Week- Harry Potter Trailer

    Starting now, we will have a video of the week every Friday, showing you what videos are worth watching now. Some will be timely- a video of an important news event that happened this week. Some will be goofy. And all of them will be entertaining. -Art & Entertainment Editor Ian Green...

  • Bad Day To Be A Pumpkin 2010

    Music: “The Lovers’ Rights” By The Rosebuds 00

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