• General Assembly Considers Ban On Texting While Driving

    The Maryland General Assembly is considering legislation that would place a ban on text-messaging while behind the wheel in the state. Sen. Mike Lenett proposed the measure in response to the increasing appearance of cell phones being used in the driver’s seat. 00

  • BSU “Achieving the Dream”

    Under the mantra “Achieving the Dream,” the Black Student Union (BSU) preformed its annual assembly in the Reddick Auditorium on Feb. 20. 00

  • Battle of the Bands Fundraiser Held for Community Cupcakes

    This Saturday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium, the Community Cupcakes Battle of the Bands will take place raising money for Hungry for Music, a non-profit organization whose mission is to “inspire underprivileged children (and others) by bringing positive musical and creative experiences into their lives.” It is $5 to...

  • Former WJ Teacher Writes Book

    Former WJ science teacher Corky Logsdon has published his first book: The Disappearance of Booktown, Ohio; An Historical, Personal, and Environmental Perspective. Logsdon self-published 350 copies of the book for distribution to friends and organizations that he supports. 00

  • Artificial Turf Under Consideration

    Artificial turf may be coming to the new stadium at WJ. According to Principal Christopher Garran, the administration is currently in talks with partners to help fund what could be over a million dollars to install artificial turf. If the turf were to be installed, it would come complete with an irrigation...

  • Yes, They Can: Students Deliver First Aid on Inaugural Day

    Like hundreds of other WJ students, senior Jay Berkholtz and junior Brian Starin got up at the crack of dawn on the morning of Jan. 20. They crowded on to a convoy of emergency vehicles that took them downtown to the D.C. Lottery building on Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. where they...

  • Life After Best Buddies

    As I walked into Giant and scanned the check-out aisles for a tall grocery-bagger with streaky dark hair, I found myself not being able to distinguish him from among the other baggers standing at the end of lanes six, seven or eight. Realizing that it was irrational to assume that I would...

  • Eighteen Students Qualify for the Forensics County Finals

    After the WJ forensics team failed to place first in their opening meet, they returned to their familiar place atop the competition after their victory in their Jan. 10 meet. In the two meets, 18 team members have already qualified for county finals. 00

  • Chin Named Semi-Finalist in Intel Science Contest

    Senior Re-I Chin was named a semi-finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search, making her one of 300 students selected nationwide. She sent a 20-page research paper and five short essays for judges to evaluate. 00

  • Persian Culture Celebration

    On the evening of Jan. 8, in the cafeteria, the Persian Culture Club had its first ever Persian Culture Night hosted by its three co-presidents, seniors Mitra Ebrahimi, Donna Honarpisheh and Christine Walsh. 00

  • Pit Orchestra Members Upset with ‘Footloose’ as Spring Musical

    Once S*T*A*G*E directors announced their choice of “Footloose” for the spring musical, many students began preparing for the mid-January auditions. Actors rented the 1984 film to watch and learn the characters, singers downloaded the sound track onto their iPods to start memorizing the songs, but pit orchestra students were not exactly practicing...

  • Chorus Ba-Rocks with the Boss

    Thirty WJ students and six alumni sang onstage with such celebrities as Garth Brooks, Beyoncé and the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, on the Jan. 18 “We are One” concert. The alumni sang with the adult choir, called the “Inaugural Celebration Singers,” and the current students participated in the student choir sporting red...

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