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WJ’s “Biggest Loser” Teacher Edition

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In hopes of trimming down before bikini season, seven faculty members volunteered to participate in WJ’s very own version of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” By The Pitch’s last issue, the teachers hope to lose 150 pounds collectively. In exchange for the public humiliation, the teacher who loses the highest percentage of weight will have the honor of being WJ’s Biggest Loser and will win a special prize.

Amanda McAndrew

Department: Foreign Language

Initial Weight: 144 lbs.

Height: 5-foot-2

Biggest Loser Goal: Lose 10 to 15 pounds and to fit back into pre-pregnancy clothing.

Diet: Cut down on sugar and carbs, drink more water, eat protein and fruit/vegetables at each meal. Limit calorie intake to around 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day.

Exercise Plan: Do 25 to 30 minutes of cardio followed by about 45 minutes of weight lifting at least five days a week.

Patricia Richards

Department: Science

Initial Weight: 162 lbs.

Height: 5-foot-4

Biggest Loser Goal: Lose 20 pounds before her daughter’s wedding on June 6.

Diet: The “Bowflex Diet” — a meal plan that is 60 percent carbs, 20 percent fat and 20 percent protein. Limit calories to 1,500 per day then work up to eating 1,200 per day. Drink up to a gallon of water per day.

Exercise Plan: Exercise on the Bowflex three times per week for 20 minutes.

Fred Delello

Department: Social Studies

Initial Weight: 245 lbs.

Height: 5-foot-10

Biggest Loser Goal: Lose 30 pounds.

Diet: Eat three portion controlled meals a day. Eliminate all food containing simple sugars and drink at least 60 oz. of water a day.

Exercise Plan: Exercise three to four hours per week. The exercise will be a combination of moderate strength training and walking/treadmill/elliptical.

Clara Matos

Department: Counseling Services

Initial Weight: 190 lbs.

Height: 5-foot-10

Biggest Loser Goal: Lose 30 pounds by the end of the school year.

Diet: Eat Special K for breakfast and fruits, yogurt and vegetables for snacks. Eat a small portioned dinner and drink a lot of water.

Exercise Plan: Use the treadmill after school.

Isabel Hernandez-Cata

Department: Music

Initial Weight: 207 lbs.

Height: 5-foot-6

Biggest Loser Goal: Lose 15 pounds by the end of the school year and ideally weigh 145 pounds. Also, to be healthy enough to give her father a kidney.

Diet: Continue to use the Weight Watchers Momentum plan with the addition of some South Beach Diet recipes.

Exercise Plan: Go to the gym twice a week and do mostly strength training. Increase gym time to four times a week and work on more cardio.

Butch Worden

Department: Physical Education

Initial Weight: 273 lbs.

Height: 5-foot-10

Biggest Loser Goal: To go to the beach and not worry about people throwing him in the water and yelling, “get him back in the water before he dies!”

Diet: Eat six small meals each day for six days each week. On the seventh day, rest and eat with no restrictions.

Exercise Plan: Do 45 minutes of weight training three days a week and at least 20 minutes of cardio three days a week.

Russell Doane

Department: Academic Support Center

Initial Weight: 264 lbs.

Height: 6-foot-2

Biggest Loser Goal: Lose 20 to 30 pounds by June and 60 pounds in the long run.

Diet: Limit calorie intake to 2,000 calories or less per day.

Exercise Plan: Exercise at least three times a week. Commit to 30 minutes of brisk cardio and two days of free weight lifting and working on core muscles.

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WJ’s “Biggest Loser” Teacher Edition