Student Profile: Freshman Class President Jackson Miller

Grace Leslau, Online Feature co-editor & Print feature assistant co-editor

Freshman class president Jackson Miller became involved with student government this year and plans to continue his role in the future.

“I thought it would have been a great way to get involved at school and get used to the new environment,” he said.

Miller is involved in the major school events, such as homecoming, which the Student Government Association at WJ helps to plan.  Additionally, the visits to other schools provide him with a perspective on the way other schools in the county run their student governments.  Currently, the class officers are working on organizing fundraisers to rasie money for activities.

However, being class president does prove challenging. With the largest grade at WJ to represent, Miller finds it difficult to accommodate everyone. However, through the course of the year he has learned how to better deal with issues as they arise.

“I have learned to keep an open mind at all times, and look for the simplest ways to solve problems presented to me and the rest of our class’s SGA,” he said.

For many, the transition from middle school to high school is overwhelming. Miller found that getting involved in a school activity made this transition a bit easier.

“I would encourage any freshman, or anyother student for that  matter to get involved in either a club or sport at school; it really helps relax your mind from the hectic day and creates strong friendships,” he said.