Students from WJ’s sister school in China visit


Host Holden Rafey and Chinese visitor, Davina, pose for a picture on the students first day of shadowing.

This year, students from WJ’s Chinese sister school, whose name roughly translates to Yongding School, came to visit and learn about American culture for a few days. 

Chinese teacher Songtao Shu was excited to meet and tour with the 10 students and teachers visiting this week.

“I’m excited to introduce my students to their culture and heritage. I want my students to be able to communicate well with the Chinese students,” Shu said.

The students stayed and attended school with WJ students from last Wednesday to Tuesday, but will be in the U.S. for ten days.

Chinese language student and visitor host Holden Rafey looked forward to picking up her student. She expected she would enjoy the week with her while learning about her life. 

“Ms. Shu planned for them to come to our school and learn American culture. We are also taking a tour of DC on the weekend,” Rafey said.

In addition to being a host family, Rafey had her visitor shadow her classes for a few days.

“I’m looking forward to helping her understand and practice her English with people as she shadows me,” Rafey said.

Shu said that she hoped the visit would go well, and it did indeed. She hopes that one year her students will be able to go to China to visit them in return.

“I think the trip will go well, our students are prepared and excited to have this experience,” said Shu.