Teachers take ninja tag


Ninja tag has been a staple at WJ for many years. In the game, each player is given a target and has five days to get their target alone and say ‘hasta la vista’ to them.  If the player achieves this goal, their target is out of the game, and they acquire the loser’s target.  

This year, the leadership class decided to create a teacher version of the game.

“We decided that we wanted to twist ninja tag a little bit this year. We were talking to Mr. [Kulenkampff, the leadership class teacher] and he was really into the game, so we were like, ‘what if we tried to start a teacher one’ and he loved the idea,” senior Ashleigh Wagar said.

The rules of teacher ninja tag are the same as the student version, besides the fact that the information about their targets is shared via email, rather than by text.

There are 17 teachers participating, including Fred Delello, history teacher. Delello believes that, in some ways, teacher ninja tag is harder than student ninja tag.

“I actually find it difficult for teachers to locate our person during the day because we may not have the same free periods,” Delello said.

Participants have very different approaches to getting their targets out. Some get very paranoid while playing,  but ninja tag is generally very well-liked at WJ.

“I think it is kind of intriguing and fun but I think it can get nerve-racking,” Delello said.

Ninja tag is expected to be a long-lasting tradition at WJ, as it allows students and teachers to meet new people.

The winner of teacher ninja tag was Jamie Grimes!