Student Profile: Lindsay Grymes


Photo courtesy of Lindsay Grymes

Leila Siegel, Online Feature Editor

Many people aspire to be especially talented in a certain area, such as the arts or sciences, but don’t realize the level of commitment and resilience it takes. Senior Lindsay Grymes does.

Grymes, who has been taking dance lessons since she was three years old, feels that her hard work is worth the results.

“My favorite part [of dance] is the feeling you get from it, and getting to see how much it pays off after a long time of hard work,” Grymes said.

She finds dance to be cathartic and stress-relieving.

“I really enjoy dance because it allows me to showcase my emotions and my feelings throughout everyday life,” Grymes said. “It also allows me to escape from the stress of school and friends.”

Grymes has attended several summer intensives at dance schools such as Kirov Ballet in Washington, DC.

She was invited to attend those schools as a full-time student, but ultimately chose to stay at WJ in order to be with friends.

Grymes dislikes the rivalry between dancers in her environment.

“My least  favorite part about [dance] has to be the competitiveness between girls and boys at the dance studio,” Grymes said.

Nonetheless, she aspires to major in dance in college, and later be a professional choreographer.

Besides dance, Grymes is in WJ’s Leadership class, interns at Luxmanor Elementary School and participates in the Key Club.

Her advice for having a well-developed talent?

“I strongly recommend you give it your all, and even though it’s extremely hard… keep trying and doing all that you can,” Grymes said.