Student Profile: Amir Kalantary


Sophomore class secretary Amir Kalantary is a very busy guy. He is in the APEX Scholars program, participates in the Youth and Government Club, the Debate Team and is a founding member of the Jigsaw Puzzle Club. In addition, he teaches little kids piano, plays club soccer and participates in the morning announcements.

Balancing all the school work from APEX with so many other extracurricular activities can be a tough challenge for many students, but Kalantary handles everything with grace.

“When I first get home, I finish as much homework as I can before going to one of my afternoon activities,” Kalantary said.

For Kalantary, all the work is worth it because he enjoys what he does.

“My favorite activity is definitely teaching piano to kids. It’s a lot of fun and they have fun. I feel like I’m doing the greater good when I help them,” Kalantary said.

APEX can be a big commitment for students, with the amount of work that is given. However, Kalantary thoroughly enjoys participating in the program.

“I joined the APEX program because I wanted expand my learning as a student,” Kalantary said.

Kalantary says that his most important job is being the sophomore class secretary.

“I decided to run for secretary because I wanted to be able to help the WJ community and make WJ one of the greatest schools. My plans are to help as much as I can with Pennies for Patients to try to raise a lot more money than last year,” Kalantary said.

Kalantary likes to be involved with the school and its activities and has fun with all of his activities.