WJ’s gift giving guide


Trying to find the perfect gift for someone can be difficult, not to mention pricy. The list of people that you need to buy a gift for keeps piling up and time keeps running out. Sometimes there are just too many people to think about and you end up feeling guilty about not finding the ultimate gift. Here is the guide to tackling that never ending holiday shopping list.

Stocking stuffer:

When Christmas morning arrives, everyone makes a beeline for the presents downstairs. Overwhelmed and filled with joy, most start small with their stockings beautifully displayed over the fireplace. Stocking stuffers encompass all those cute knick knacks and handy gadgets everyone loves. Below are some fun stocking stuffer ideas to get your friends and loved ones in the Christmas spirit.

Popsocket, $10-15

Gift Cards, from $10

USB charger, $10

Fidget Cube, $9

Secret Santa:

Friends gather around and pick names out of hat. Excitement fills the air as you hope you get this one person for your gift exchange, but alas, it’s someone different. Maybe this person you don’t know as well and haven’t created a great bond with yet and therefore you are stuck on what to get them. However, these options are always a safe bet and are inexpensive.

Mugs filled with chocolate

Holiday themed socks, $6

Bath and Body Works products, $5-20

Swell water bottles, $30

Big Ticket:

That one special present we all wish we could buy for that one important person our life, whether it be a friend, family member or partner. These types of presents are not designated for everyone on one’s Christmas shopping list. Below are a couple ideas for some big ticket items, and keep in mind that these are a little more pricey than the other items mentioned on this list.

Perfume, $150

Purses, $200-300

Jewelry, $50-150

Sports Tickets, $50

Tech and Gadgets:

For a lot of people, Christmas is the ideal time to purchase a new phone, laptop or anything technology related one might have had their eye on for a while. Technology can range in price and complexity, but that does mean someone has to go overboard when buying gifts. Listed are some cool ideas for that one person who loves anything technology related.

Amazon Echo, $90

Drone, $500

Apple Watch, $400

Kindle, $120

DIY Gift Ideas:

Some people like to take the time to make something with their own hands for their loved ones. In those moments, they either have an idea of what to do or have no clue where to begin. Below is one idea for a simple DIY activity that is sure to please anyone, especially if they have a sweet tooth.

Bath Bombs

1 cup baking soda
½ citric acid
½ cup epsom salt
1 tsp. water
2 tsp. essential oils (any flavor)
3 tsp. oil (olive oil)
Food coloring (any color)
Bath bomb mold (any shape)

Place all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix evenly with the whisk
In the jar, mix the liquid ingredients together. Add essential oils, fragrance oils and food coloring. Make sure to add enough fragrance oils because they get diluted in the bath bomb making process. Lavender, rose and bergamot are common ingredients to add.
Slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ones, one spoonful at a time
When well mixed,simply pack mixture into the mold and pack tightly, and allow to dry. Work quickly to assure mixture does not dry out.
After they dry and harden, about 24 hours, take them out of there molds and use them. Don’t let them sit around for too long because it might lose its fizziness when you add it to your bath.

Fabric Scrap Keychain

Fabric scraps
Medium weight iron
Small piece of Pellon Peltex one sided iron-on interfacing
Twill tape or grosgrain ribbon
Key ring
Pinking shears
Buttons, felt, for embellishing
Thread, sewing stuff
Something to make a pattern with

Decide what scraps you want to use, and iron on the interfacing to the back side of the fabric
If you are going to use an applique or button, trace around your pattern onto the right side of the fabric so that you know how to place it
Iron on the Peltex to the wrong side of my fabric according to the directions. Make sure you iron it to the side you want to be the “front” of your keychain
Then cut it out, along with the back of your keychain
Place the sides together, and place two pins about 1’ or so apart on the button
Sew from pin to pin, around the circle, about ¼’ away from the edge
Then trim the edges all the way around with pinking shears
Cut a piece of your tape or ribbon about 2’ long
Fold it over your key ring, insert into the opening on the bottom of your keychain, and the opening closed, back stitching at the beginning and end.

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