The art of promposing

Jacob Sorensen

As the school year starts to wind down, and the weather starts to warm up, the seniors have a lot on their minds…not just college.

No, this time of year, it’s all about Prom. But, some of you might ask, how do you get the girl or guy you’ve had your eye on the entire year to go with you? Simple. A promposal.

What is a promposal? Like a proposal, a promposal is a romantic way of asking a significant other to accompany you to prom. However, today’s promposals can get pretty elaborate.

There are a couple of features to a promposal that make up the bare necessities:

First off, it’s better if it is a surprise. The girl or guy you’re asking shouldn’t necessarily know when it’s going to happen or how you would ask.

Secondly, the poster. It will be the main method of communication to the individual you are, in fact, asking them to prom. Many use pick-up lines or cheesy puns to try to get the message across with a little humor.

Third, a solid plan. The fact that this whole thing should be kind of a surprise means that you won’t necessarily be in control of where the person is for the time of the surprise. However, with some simple planning, you can make sure that your promposal can go off without a hitch.

After the basics comes the elaborate part. From drumlines and poms to a full mariachi band, the idea is to make the promposal something the person you’re asking will remember.

Senior Marissa Hill said that it took “a good amount of thought” to put together her promposal. Hill broke from the conventional with making her “date” as a group. “Me and my friend Ayca are really close and we all hang out together all the time. It made it easier to go as a group rather than just with one person,” Hill said.

No matter what, this Prom will be a night to remember.

A caution though: not everyone enjoys the spotlight of a crazy promposal. In that case, a poster and some flowers are more than enough.