WJ pools in a wrap


Photo by Caeden Babcock

Swimmers enjoy their afternoon at Cedarbrook Swim and Tennis Club. With so many pools around, the question arises, which pool is best?

Caeden Babcock, Staff Writer

Pools are opening and the boardwalks are booming again. For most, the neighborhood pools are a great way to enjoy summer, joining a swim or dive team or just hanging out with friends. But with so many pools in the WJ area, it’s hard to find the best one. A good pool is one that has a snack bar, is clean, isn’t too small, and has things to do during adult swim.

For those living in Kensington, Cedarbrook is a great neighborhood pool. Cedarbrook has a lot of options for its members. There are swim lanes, a toddler swim area, a play area with a water basketball hoop, and a deep end with a diving board and a short slide. During adult swim, members can go to the playground, relax in the shade, play volleyball, go to the basketball court, play tennis, or visit the snack bar that has all the basic snacks one would find at a grocery store. On the downside, there is currently a five-year wait list for membership.

In the Silver Spring area, Connecticut Belair is a great pool and one of the largest in the area. Connecticut Belair features a large main pool with swimming lanes along with a spacious play area that has a giant slide leading into it with a rock wall on the far side. For the younger kids, there is a big shallow pool. Out of the water, there are tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, shuffleboard, and ping pong tables. There is also a full-service snack bar, arguably the best part of the pool.

In Bethesda, the YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase is a more versatile pool with many different features included with a membership. The YMCA has a large gym with almost everything a member needs. The YMCA also has three swimming pools (two indoor and one outdoor) and a sauna. There are also five outdoor tennis courts and a track. The YMCA even offers a daycare/pre-school option. The YMCA is as a great way to make the most out of a membership.

Tilden Woods Pool, the smallest out of all the options, has many features to it. Tilden Woods has swim lanes along with a small play area and a deep end with two diving boards. For toddlers, there is a small enclosed kids section. Tilden Woods also features two ping pong tables along with a volleyball court.

And last but not least, Wildwood Manor Pool. Wildwood has a large play area, but a smaller swim area: only two lap lanes. Wildwood also has a deep end with two diving boards. Out of all the pools, Wildwood definitely offers the best events. They have a bingo night, raft night, movie night, night party, doggie swim, and live bands.

So if a large pool with everything you could want is what you’re looking for, Connecticut Belair is best. For a pool that also has a gym, the YMCA is a great option. But for a close local neighborhood pool, Cedarbrook, Tilden Woods and Wildwood Manor are the best options.