Students navigate internships


Photo Courtesy of Picpedia

Internships are a good way for students to develop their skills and engage with the community around them. Many take the opportunity to learn more about what they are passionate about.

As seniors approach adulthood, many have begun to prepare themselves for the workforce through internships and jobs. Not only does it provide a medium for students to experience what it is like being a part of the workforce, it also is an opportunity to further develop their interests in certain fields and studies. Students often attain internships and jobs during the school year.

Students are able to study what they are doing in school in a different setting, mainly practicing what they learn physically. Besides utilizing internships to deepen one’s knowledge and acquire jobs to gain money, another perk of the two is being able to have an abbreviated schedule to accommodate the time that some require from students.

“I do a physical therapy internship every Monday and Wednesday, getting to leave early is a plus,” senior Samantha Dionne said.

With internships and jobs, students are given a big responsibility. They are not only required to fulfill their duties as a student, but also as a worker and intern. However, with the right time management, students are able to juggle all of their responsibilities.

“I don’t think my internship interferes with school. I only have five classes and I go to my internship four days a week for 2.5 hours each day. So, while it was definitely an adjustment, I don’t think it interferes with school,” senior Anderson Strong said.

To accommodate the workload that students may face, they can be given an abbreviated schedule. Though it is often rumored that students are faking interships and jobs to get an abbreviated schedule, this claim is unsubstantiated. Though it has happened before, it is a rare occurrence.

“I can recall only one instance — many years ago — when a student misrepresented internship placement information and the situation was appropriately handled as soon as that information was brought to our attention,” internship coordinator Geraldine Acquard said.

Students must go through a process to gain their internship and get it recognized within the school.

“Students then discuss this with their counselor and register for the research project course during our WJ course registration period. Once it is determined that the course will be offered, we then will have a meeting of all potential executive interns where we plan strategies for securing an internship,” Acquard said.

Consequently, it is nearly impossible for students to be able to forge an internship.

“In internship, you have to verify a lot before being able to get a pass,” Dionne said.