Clubs give back to local communities

Olivia Scharf

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Photo courtesy of Charlotte Brown

Best Buddies held a a meeting outside, where members had fun decorating the sidewalk with chalk and ate pizza.

WJ is riddled with many clubs, some interest based, some education based and some community based. All help to represent the student body.

There are a plethora of clubs that give back to the community. Some include, Habitat for Humanity, Unicef and Zero Footprint.

These clubs are committed to bettering the community, focusing on a specific problem and trying to help solve it. There are an abundance of issues in the world, but everyone can make a difference, and these clubs prove that.

Habitat for Humanity, founded by rising juniors a couple of years ago, helps by raising money to build communities and homes.

“We raise money and give 100% of it to the Habitat for Humanity in Silver Spring, which helps to build and fix homes directly in the community,” senior Syndey Stein said.

Like many other community-based clubs, they hold fundraisers to raise money for their cause. Yet some clubs, such as Zero Footprint that are dedicated to bettering the environment, don’t require fundraising.

“We try to spread awareness as to ways in which we can reduce our footprint, whether it is recycling, switching to reusable objects, taking the bus, e.t.c. We also do hands-on activities in our communities such as park cleanup and thrifting,” junior Sage Crittendon said.

Other clubs aren’t locally based.

“Our goal is to donate to the UNICEF foundation which works to allocate money in various parts of the world in need,” UNICEF president junior Liv Haberman said.

Like Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF raises money for their cause.

“Recently we have only been working at concessions in athletic games but we want to do more in the future,” Haberman said.

These clubs offer easy and accessible opportunities to contribute and help the world. These clubs can allow students to make a big difference without dedicating all of their free time. Joining a club is incredibly easy, all you really need to do is show up.

There are many ways to start a club, one can even inherit it.

“We plan to pass this club onto younger classmen who will continue to raise money for the organization,” Stein said.