Video of the Week: Investigating Swag Syndrome

Video courtesy of BigMarshTVReloaded

Cameron Keyani, Online Arts and Entertainment Editor

Director Daveo Mathias, a subscriber to, along with the help of MTV, has made a short but comprehensive video about the “swag epidemic” taking the nation by storm. To summarize it, this video is hilarious. It never breaks face, and keeps the swag satire going until the bitter end.

Depending on the social circles of the viewer, the video might be a sketch about “that funny word that rappers use”, or it might be a gut busting parody about one’s own vocabulary.  In the case of the former, this video should be an educational experience.

To the frustration of many, swag is a word that has had a meteoric rise into American vernacular, and a new year doesn’t seem to be enough to slow its ascent.