Meet the girl with the best personality

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Meet the girl with the best personality

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Every year, as the school year closes, the yearbook club creates a giant banner featuring senior superlative winners. Senior superlatives are awards given to students in different categories about their personality and involvement in school. The featured awards range from ‘Class Clown’ to ‘Most Likely to be President’. A girl and boy are chosen for each category to represent the grade. 

Senior Danielle Sklarew was nominated for and won ‘Best Personality’ on the senior superlative banner. 

“I was surprised I won a senior superlative. People don’t campaign for superlatives, and it was all based on nominations, so there is no way to know who’s going to win them,” Sklarew said. 

The people who are nominated are usually well known for their participation during their years at WJ, such as being on sports teams, SGA or generally exhibiting spirit or participation in community events.

Sklarew is an active member in the community and participates in many school wide events.

“I was a member of the varsity basketball team, a member of the leadership class, and a member of the psychology and random acts of kindness club. I am also in the national honors society and a manager for the girls varsity lacrosse team,” Sklarew said. 

Sklarew received recognition several times throughout her high school career.

“I haven’t received many important awards or made many accomplishments in high school, but I won the Sportsmanship Award  for basketball twice at the winter sports awards,” Sklarew said.

Senior Superlatives are overall a fun award/competition and a way to commemorate high school memories before students go off to college.

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