Students Cast Ballots for SGA

In anticipation of next year, a rising junior or senior must step up to take over the newly available role of SGA president. While traditionally only seniors run for office, today both a junior, Stewart Miller, and a senior, Tristan Plunkett, vie for the heavily coveted position.

Students view the candidates’ pre-recorded speeches today in their social studies classes and subsequently vote for their favored candidates. The votes will be tallied after school and announced soon after.

Both Miller and Plunkett are enthusiastic about the school and involved in WJ. Plunkett is a participant in extracurricular activities such as varsity football, varsity wrestling, Madrigals and *S*T*A*G*E*, in addition to his previous role in student government.

“I was a class officer sophomore year and a lot of people liked me in there, and I want to help out the school,” said Plunkett.

Miller participated in JV soccer his freshman year, varsity lacrosse this year and has demonstrated his school spirit by attending various WJ sporting events for the past six years.

“I’ve never run for office, but I did do some committee stuff in middle school and elementary school,” said Miller.

While the candidates acknowledge the proficiency of the SGA this year, they both plan on making an improved homecoming video and trying to get more people involved in SGA activities.

“[I will] get more student involvement and more staff involvement,” said Miller. “With that type of group cooperation we can get a lot of stuff done.”

To campaign, the candidates are putting up posters, informing students about their candidacy and creating Facebook groups promoting themselves. The students’ will cast their votes today after which the election will be determined.