Three Forensics Students Win 2009 iTest Debate Competition

WJ once again dominated forensics as three students won first place in the 2009 iTest Debate competition, which is a national essay contest that takes place over the Internet.

The contest requires teams of up to five students to, within 104 hours, either upload a five-minute video onto YouTube or write an argumentative paper in response to one of two controversial questions.

The team, made up of sophomore Tianhao He, junior Nicolas Carter and senior Amy Hemmati chose to write a paper in response to the question, “What responsibility, if any, does the media have to the public?” The team argued that the media should embody the values of Lincoln-Douglas Debate because by doing so, they can maintain their impartiality while informing the public of the important issues surrounding the country.

In compiling the team’s submission, Hemmati thought of the overall ideas while He wrote the actual essay.

“Writing the essay was a lot of work, but I enjoyed the experience because I love to write and we argued about an issue that is so relevant to today’s society,” said He.

Although the team received a cash reward of $250 and individual commemorative plaques, the real satisfaction for them came from getting to express their views on a subject which they care a lot about.

“It was great to be able to combine my love for journalism and my passion for debate in this competitive setting,” said Hemmati.