Students explore character


Sam Falb, News Editor

On September 22, WJ students experienced a new lesson focused on one simple trait: character. Character represents a person’s build and personality, and in an ever changing world, the usefulness and functionality of character continues to change.

The lesson explored two informational videos of similar topics relating to human emotion and the choices people make. The first, “The Adaptable Mind”, focused on key aspects of the human mind and the second short-film, “The Science of Character” delved into the theory of unique mindsets.

The essential theme of both films was that character in the modern age has gained much importance and in order to become successful, one must utilize their character in positive ways.

“As you grow, the people you interact with and the experiences you have develop your character and it gets more and more important the older you get,” sophomore Kailee Goldberg said.

While modern technology and innovation has brought the world to this generation’s fingertips, this seminar displayed that in order to access the true qualities of life and their benefits, one must look beyond a screen or database and find their character within.