Behind the scenes of Homecoming


Sophie Becker

 Homecoming: music, dancing, dressing up, decorating hallways and watching the movie are just some of the features that make the actual Homecoming season memorable, but how does all of it get planned? Multiple people, committees and practices go into making Homecoming so special every year. This year, SGA and leadership’s Homecoming committee are taking full control of planning this event. Leadership’s Homecoming planning is in full swing. Senior and leadership member Maggie Hickey is committed to putting in the work to make this year’s dance one for the books. She works alongside four other members of the leadership class to specifically plan for the dance, including designing and selling the tickets and shirts, suggesting some music designating the homecoming court and setting/cleaning up the dance.

   This job requires a lot of time and concentration to make sure everything runs smoothly.

   “Some things like tickets take a long time, but making the chaperone sign up takes like a class period. It also depends on if it’s something we need to discuss with a lot of administration, or of we are allowed to do it by ourselves,” Hickey said.

   SGA Secretary Connor Phelps is excited for the whole school to get into homecoming spirit. As a football player and member of both leadership and SGA, homecoming is always on his radar.

   “My favorite part of Homecoming week is the football game. As a player, it’s the most anticipated game of the year, and it usually draws the biggest crowd which is fun,” Phelps said.

   The role SGA plays in preparing for homecoming is targeted more towards school spirit and has to do with logistical details such as DJs or hallway themes. For this year’s dance, SGA plans on advertising more than anything.

   “We’re much more on top of our social media accounts than we were last year, and we’re keeping the school up to date on ticket and t-shirt sales,” Phelps said.

   Aside from the homecoming committee that Hickey works with, there is a separate committee solely dedicated to the homecoming hallways. This committee works on the themes, funds and decorations.

Sophomore Gillian Birdsong is hoping for a better hallway than last year when her fellow freshmen found themselves with a fairly drab hallway due to poor planning and low participation.

   “I think in order for us to have a better hallway we need more people to participate in the decorating and have more of an idea of what we do,” Birdsong said.

 In order to get the most out of your Homecoming, be sure to keep an eye out for announcements and event notices in the coming week.