Seniors are concerned about their ‘senior’ portraits


Photo courtesy by Gabriela Garman

Seniors Stevie Gago and Matteo Palma show each other their newly taken senior portraits. The sessions for the portraits began in August and concluded in December.

Towards the end of each summer, an exciting opportunity for every incoming senior class is the ability to schedule and take their senior portraits. The slots for portraits span from early August to mid-December, but this year, students expressed concerns regarding scheduling an appointment.

“My appointment was on Nov. 10, 2022. I wanted an earlier appointment, but with the slots filling up very quickly, this was the earliest they had for the time being,” senior Ashwathi Menon said.

Some seniors are worried that their portraits won’t be done in time in order to be included in the yearbook, due to most students taking them at a later time. Fortunately, however, that is not the case for most.

“At this point, since make-up portrait dates are still ongoing, we have not received any portraits yet. But for the most part, portraits should be taken by the 15 of Dec to ensure inclusion,” yearbook advisor Bonnie Lechner said.

Although seniors have said that there have not been enough appointments, administration has stated that they are working hard to accommodate the larger class size compared to previous years.

“With the increase in our student enrollment, we have added dates in order to allow all seniors to have a portrait taken,” administrator Kathleen Cosgrove said. “Yes, the appointments have filled quickly each time they opened for scheduling, but we will continue scheduling dates until everyone who wants an appointment can schedule an appointment.”

Although the class of 2023 has spoken out on some issues they’ve had with their portraits, administration ensures seniors that their worries will be taken care of and that every senior will have the opportunity to take their portrait.