The Roberts Rant: A Grade for WJ

Abby Singley

With the countdown to my graduation down to days, I look back at my adventures here and I realize that WJ has made me what I am today. So in order to give tribute and express my personal spite at being graded on everything I do, I’m going to give WJ a grade of its own.

Teachers B+

As much as I want to “join the crowd” and say, “I hate teachers!”, honestly, I don’t. Sure, there have been teachers out there who I have wanted to trip when I pass them or give them a little shove going down the stairs. But I’ve noticed that they’re just bigger versions of us. I’ve learned to embrace my teachers and see them as my secondary parents, who give me life lessons, and punish me when I mess up. The teachers here are pretty cool, and I’ll probably even call them after I graduate to go clubbing sometime.

School Spirit/SGA D-

School spirit in this school is dead. I mean, the Redskins’ chance of getting another Super Bowl DEAD. Back in my freshman year, I saw the hallways flooded with different colors representing each class and now I’ll be lucky enough to see a speck of pink on a freshman at a pep rally. But there are some people out there who are really spirited. The SGA does a great job trying to increase participation with spirit weeks and pep rallies. But the most spirited people of all are those Mad Cows. They sure do know how to make a 1-9 football season fun.

Extracurricular A+

Extracurriculars are the best thing at WJ, other than the girls. They serve to boost college admission chances, especially since there are such a variety of after school activities. The school has a plethora of clubs and a variety of sports teams that play through three seasons. If you’re not involved in something, you have a problem. By participating in these extracurricular activities, you get the opportunity to meet wonderful new people and get college recognition for it. They have made me what I am today: a proud, fast and cocky minority scholar WJ senior. That’s why I give it an “A,” for awesome of course.

Underclassmen B-

As much as the typical senior would say, “I hate underclassmen,” most of them are pretty cool. Underclassmen challenge me to do my best at everything I do. I can’t let an underclassman beat me at my own race, embarrass me in front of a group of people, and I certainly can’t let them take my presidential position of the Black Student Union. But when I leave, I hope they all remember me (in a good way, of course). I wish them the best.

Seniors ’09 A+

Yeah, I had to save the best for last. Its been four years and that diploma is just a few steps away. The seniors this year have made WJ a great place to learn. I hope they made an impact on everyone in the community and I know you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Overall B+

So disregarding the whole Grade Point Average system, adding up what you get and dividing it by whatever, I’m going to have to give the whole school a B+. Sorry Dr. Garran, but WJ has its flaws. While that sounds bad, it’s actually a good thing. What’s the point of going to a perfect school? Perfect would be boring. As a suggestion to Dr. Garran: for all my accomplishments here at the school you should have renamed it Andre Roberts High School. That would give it an “A.” Goodbye WJ and good luck trying to replace me.