The Catch Opinion


Sophi Thompson, A&E editor

Each month, the Catch staff tirelessly argues to find an opinion on which we all agree. It usually involves screaming, flying dry erase markers and quite a few tears. This month, we simply couldn’t find an opinion we all supported.

At first, we thought that we could get all 30 something of us to agree that H2O was the chemical formula of water, but sports just wouldn’t get with the program. Next, we futilely turned to politics and thought everyone might share the opinion that America has a three branch federal government with a focus on bipartisan cooperation. Unfortunately, our news Editor-in-Chief was not budging, firmly believing that it’s a tripartisan system. Our next opinion was whether or not a tomato is a fruit, which caused about six riots from the staff writers.

It seems our paper is far too opinionated to be able to all agree on one substantial opinion to share with the school! The only topic we all could agree on was unusable because it was a fact. We all know that the Catch opinion is, by definition, not a fact. That’s why we couldn’t focus this article on the opinion section being the best group in The Catch. So it is my job to sadly report that we have no opinion worth an article. Some personal opinions of mine that I thought could work include; grass is usually green, kangaroos are marsupials from Australia, Sophi Thompson is the best editor on the Catch and Barack Obama was the first black president of the United States of America. I apologize for the lack of opinion- try and hold out for next month’s issue!